Skyline Speaks: What does love mean to you?

Karen Grace Granadosin, communications major

“Love is finding somebody to eat with all the time, and having a good time every day, and just looking at each other and loving the fact that you’re stuffing your faces.”

Nicolas Foong, mechanical engineering major

“Love is about caring for somebody more than yourself.”

Daniel Katout, film major

“Love is a form of familiarity expressed over time.”

Isaiah Macababbad, chemical engineering major

“Love is when you can see the person every day and not get bored of them, and you can have complete communication and connection. You can vibe with them. When they go out, you know they’ll come back because they’ll always love you and you’ll always love them.”

Shawn Lopez, biochemistry major

“Love is when there are two significant people who do the most for each other and do anything to be together. Anything can happen when two people love each other enough.”

Angel Bedolla, automotive technology major

“You can’t explain it, it’s just how you feel. It’s a feeling.”