Oakland erupts in wake of election

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Results from the presidential election sparked controversy throughout the United States. Many against the President-elect have gathered to protest in metropolitan areas.

On Nov. 10, protesters marched up Telegraph Ave. of downtown Oakland. One thousand people gathered downtown, coming from different backgrounds to unite for a single cause.

“Fuck Donald Trump,” chants echoed through the streets. “Not my president,” soon followed.

Chants were vulgar and signs were direct, but protesters were peaceful. A few displays of violence like a trash can on fire were rare as protesters were quick to chant “this is a peaceful protest.”

Protesters were momentarily stopped under Interstate 580. Protesters stood their ground with police on both ends of the street.

A few branched off from the protest and created a path to Interstate 580. Police were quick to escort them back into the street.

A 10 minute stand off with police challenged the protesters to quit, but the crowd was not discouraged. Police allowed the protest to continue until it circled back to downtown.

The electoral result discouraged many throughout the nation. Protesters in Oakland occupied the streets and stood front of police without second thought, peacefully.

People continue to protest throughout the country even a week after elections.