Five must visit comic book stores in San Francisco

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San Francisco is home to a vast selection of comic book stores for people to browse and enjoy. Most of them have great reviews on Google and Yelp. So how does one choose which comic book store to go to? Well, you can go to the ones closest to your place or one that caters specifically to comics you want. If you still can’t decide on which store to check out, here is my list of 5 must visit comic book stores in San Francisco.

Two Cats Comic Book Store

Two Cats is a very neat and clean little store in a great location. The store is located at West Portal, a quiet area filled with restaurants and stores. If you’re a shy person who doesn’t enjoy big crowds, then this store is perfect for you. The store itself has a great variety of newer comic books and a selection of action figures and collectibles. They also host game nights and Magic: The Gathering events. This store is a must visit for its location and active community.

Comix Experience Outpost

Comix has the best selection of comic books out of all the stores in San Francisco. Back issues are their specialty, so if you’re looking for something old this should be your first stop. The staff here is really helpful and enthusiastic, always happy to help you find what you’re looking for. Comix Experience Outpost is a must visit for fans for their grand variety of comic book selections, especially for their back issues.

Isotope – The Comic Book Lounge

Isotope is setup a little bit differently to other comic book stores. The first thing you’ll notice are the couches set up at the front and back of the store. The whole shop has a very relaxed atmosphere. Their inventory consists of newer comic books, but they also have a great variety of graphic novels. Overall, Isotope is a must visit if you want to hangout for a bit and familiarize yourself with newer comic books.

Mission: Comics & Arts

This store has a very friendly, highly accessible atmosphere and a great selection of new and old comic books. Comics & Art also manages to employ kind and knowledgeable staff, so don’t be afraid to ask them for help. They have a wide variety of collectibles, action figures and other merchandise. They sell “5 #1s for $5”, which is a mystery packet the store handpicks, that contains five first issue comic books to encourage people to read more of them. Mission: Comics & Art is a must visit for its great selection and variety of merchandise, and the “5 #1s for $5” can’t be beat.

Whatever Store INC

Whatever is, simply put, a fabulous little comic book store in the Castro. Don’t let the small size of the store fool you, it has a great selection of new comic books. They also have a lot of collectibles on sale. They even package some figures with their respective comic book. Lastly, they put many comic books up for 50 percent off. Generally older issues, but that just means you can buy issues you’ve always wanted to read in bulk. If you come to San Francisco planning to visit the Castro and you’re into comic books, this should definitely be on your visit list.