Skyline Transfer Fair gives students options


Skyline College’s Spring Transfer Fair was an informative event to attend for students interested in transferring soon or within the next few years which showcased various California public and private schools.

The event was held on Mar. 9, 2016 from 9:30 to 12:30 in the Fireside Dining Room of Building 6 where 16 colleges had booths set up for all students to come and talk to college representatives on anything they wanted to know about the colleges that interested them. The turnout overall was pretty good, with a wave of students coming in and out from that side of the room. Some professors even offered extra credit opportunities if their students attended.

“We’ve had some instructors bringing their classes in which is awesome,” said Patricia Del Rio, a community education specialist from National University. “I’m so thankful for that. It’s always great to have them bring their classes to see what we’re about, to see the opportunities [for them] to transfer, [to] pick up information. It’s great.”

All the colleges participating in the event were public and private universities from California, except for one school, which was the University of Arizona. As for the college representatives, they seemed very engaged with the students who stopped by their booths to ask questions. Most students left the booth with flyers and pamphlets from the various college booths they went to.

For students like Jonathan Gonzalez, business administration major, he said he checked out different schools such as, University of San Francisco and UC Davis. He hopes to transfer by the fall semester of 2017.

“University of San Francisco is my top choice because they have the program I want and it’s local,” Gonzalez said. Henry Huang, physics major, is only in his second semester in Skyline College, but he checked out the event with hopes to transfer to UC Davis by the fall of 2018.

“I really haven’t researched other schools, but I feel like Davis would be ideal,” Huang said.This gives students the opportunity to learn of colleges they probably never heard of and to see what programs they have to offer.

“I feel like a lot of people are taking the opportunity to come out here, especially the staff and faculty that brought their classes down here and were able to check out this event,” said Dionicio Garcia, a former Skyline College student and Transfer Center office assistant.

According to Garcia, SFSU, CSU East Bay, and UC Davis were probably the most popular booths because they are local.

For students looking to transfer to local schools, this event was a great opportunity to check out what these schools have to offer and to decide which school would best suit their interests.

Whether or not the students have decided on where they are transferring to, the Transfer Fair gave students the information they need to help them narrow down what schools they should ultimately attend.