Spoiler alert: ‘Walking Dead’ fans mourn loss

Spoilers below:

Glenn Rhee, relatable Korean zombie slayer from The Walking Dead, “died” on Sunday, October 25th, 2015, real people time. I’m not sure what time it was in the show.

“Dead”, is, of course, a flexible term in this world, full of many wacky ambiguities. Semantics/virus aside, the “death” of Glen is an untimely, tragic event, ranking somewhere between actual person and beloved family pet on the misery scale.

Glenn was more than just a head smashing zombie killer; he provided an alternative to the nihilistic, utilitarian world around him. He showed that, even when everything around you descends into madness and brutality, you don’t have to; humanity is intrinsic, and not just something that fades to the background when organized society falls apart. As pointed out by that nice lady who used to be on the show Community, Glenn was one of the only surviving main characters who never killed another living human being, and always treated everyone with decency and forgiveness.

At least he did. Until he got his guts ripped out trying to help someone he probably REALLY shouldn’t have.
From his earliest moments driving a red mustang (Heisenberg!) through post-apocalyptic Atlanta to lure away the undead, to the ridiculously awesome time he killed a zombie while duct taped to a chair, and his ongoing work as an advocate for mixed-race relationships, Glenn was one of the most badass characters in an absurdly badass world.
But dead is dead, and Glenn is dead—unless the producers shark jump their way out of this.