Katy Perry puts on a great half time show

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show performer, Katy Perry, gave an incredible, colorful performance that included appearances by Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot.

Perry sang some of her best hit songs, making the halftime show fun to watch. The show started with Perry making a grand entrance onto the field riding a large, gold, moving tiger while singing “Roar”, followed by a dance performance on a moving platform to “Dark Horse”. The number did focus more on the attraction of the three-dimensional stage than Perry’s singing, however.

At one point, Lenny Kratvitz came out and sang with her. His electric guitar playing gave their duet of “I Kissed a Girl” a more rock-n-roll beat than the original, which I must say was not bad.

Then, her performance of “Teenage Dream” featured dancing sharks and beach balls with inflatable surfboards and palm trees in the background. The beach setting expressed the theme of the next song she sang, “California Girls”.

Suddenly, the lights on the stage went out and all anyone could see was darkness for a few seconds, until Missy Elliot appeared and started singing. Her song choices consisted of the throwback songs, “Get Ur Freak On” and “Work It.” Perry eventually joined Elliot on stage in her custom Super Bowl 49 jersey as she played hype man to Elliot’s performance. Perry then disappeared from the stage while Elliot continued to perform her song “Lose Control”. Elliot’s appearance was rather surprising because we hardly hear about her in the music industry anymore. Not to say that she’s irrelevant, but I was really shocked to see her.

To end the show, Perry sang one of her hit songs, “Firework” while she was carried around the arena on a tiny, moving star platform, while, of course, there were fireworks.

Perry’s performance altogether was amazing. She incorporated fun outfits and themes for her songs/performances, which she is known for. When she sang “California Girls,” her outfit, which seemed similar to one of the outfits she wore in the music video, reminded me of a lollipop. One thing I have to say is that she probably did not have to change into so many outfits for every song. All in all, it was a great halftime show.

The halftime show lasted approximately 12 minutes, which seemed short for a show that was given so much hype prior to watching the Super Bowl. Perry’s performance did not disappoint, but I would have expected her to sing more than just six songs throughout the show.