Charles Newton: An everyday hero from our very own Community

Charles Newton is a Skyline alumni from when it was first established in 1969. He began studying business administration and continued his studies at SF State. He came back to Skyline to take classes for his upcoming book on history and anthropology, but also for his own interest. Newton has been through a journey of accomplishments all over the world and is now back at Skyline ready to accomplish yet another goal and to inspire his fellow classmates to succeed.

Newton is known by many for his willingness to be involved,his passion and his dedication. A student in his biology class found out Newton had dropped out of the class and appreciated his presence and passion so deeply that she e-mailed him expressing her gratitude of having a student like him in her class saying, “My friend Marvic and I were talking about how you had dropped the class to go out of the country! We sure are going to miss you!!! It makes me sad to learn that. She told me she was planning to let you know on the last day of class that you were her favorite person in class and probably one of her favorite people.” Newton is very inspiring and is a great example by being an eager student.

He has been involved in various fields of interests such as his own publishing company so he could write his own books, anthropology, archeology, banking, International consulting, and so much more and according to him, it is only the beginning.

He has written a book previously on alternative medicine and is now working on a book called “Snowflakes and Pomegranates.” This book is a historical novel of his ancestors and their migration to America.

Charles Newton’s mission is to bring awareness to the greatness of the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Skyline College.”Skyline is a diamond in the rough. It is one of the finest centers of learning in the peninsula. A first class junior college with great professors. It has so many things to offer and the campus is beautiful.” He has observed the new generation of students and believes they need a little more motivation to truly be successful because he knows how much Skyline gives and sees how little students are involved. From his recent experiences, Skyline is a fine resource with prosperous opportunities and feels that the students don’t take advantage of it.

In 1971, he met Dr.Jane Goodall, an internationally-known anthropologist he honors for her passion and achievements. He watched her speak recently and was honored to have the opportunity to speak with her personally. He hopes she comes to Skyline in the near future to speak on behalf of her Institute, life-long research and personal experiences as an anthropologist. He believes those in the anthropology community would be blessed to have her visit and listen to her magnificent story.

Newton will promote his ideas and opportunities at every chance he can by participating in class, being involved in school activities, suggesting upcoming events for volunteer work and significant presentations coming to town. Charles Newton has a big heart and is a great example of a student and a phenomenal leader, ready to encourage others to accomplish their goals just as he has.