Cobra Kai Never Dies – Season 5 Review

Cobra Kai strikes hard with the 5th season of its show! With many returning characters and new ones, there is a lot to see when watching its comeback. For those who have not watched the show, proceed with caution as there are spoilers up ahead. For those who are all caught up, let me catch you up on a review of the newest season. 

Season 5 follows the aftermath of the All Valley tournament within season 4. With Cobra Kai standing victorious, it allowed Terry Silver to move forward in his conquest to expand Cobra Kai beyond one location. However, since Daniel LaRusso knows the threat behind a man like Silver, he makes it a mission to stop him in his tracks.

While we all know and love our original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, Thomas Ian Griffith, the actor of Terry Silver, stole the show. As seen in The Karate Kid  Part III, Griffith showcases that while Silver is an excellent fighter, his mind games don’t fall short either. In an interview with Metacritic, he commends the writers for bringing back this cunning side of the villain.

“That’s the beauty of the writing and the creators. And it was something we spoke about in depth when just bringing Terry back, to say what makes him tick and what makes him different and how has he evolved in all these years and what has he been doing and that way of his manipulation.”

Griffth’s performance sets the conflict of the season. He truly showcases what a punishing man Silver could be to achieve what he wants. Moments to watch out for is the maniacal smile he wears when pummeling his opponents. It’s sickening to see the euphoria he gets when seeing his opponent suffer, especially Daniel LaRusso.

Overall, Cobra Kai has evolved beyond karate tournaments and teenage drama. What started as a show about a scrawny teenager finding his inner “Cobra Kai” has now morphed into a battle bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. Season 5 takes the show to the next level by surprise returns from the original movies, plotlines for more than just one character, death-defying fight choreography, and many more. If you haven’t done so already, check out season 5 of the action-packed Netflix hit Cobra Kai.