Experiencing The Matchmaker


Skyline College Theatre’s The Matchmaker has brought romance, comedy and a life learning experience to the audience.

This is no typical matchmaking story of someone trying to find you your perfect match. In this particular work, it is about letting the adventures take the characters towards a bigger purpose.

Memorable Characters

In this play, the characters are in the pursuit of happiness and love. A wealthy man named Mr. Vandergelder hires Dolly Levi to find a better suited fiance for his only niece since his niece wants to marry a young artist who is in love with her as she is with him. In the midst of his plans, he also decides to have Levi to find a wife for himself. Little does he know, she is actually trying to match herself with Vandergelder and let the lovebirds be.

Getting the Audiance Involved

The actors did a wonderful job because they made the audience laugh and did not limit themselves to show emotion or a limit to the stage. The audience was able to see the actors up close when they ran off the stage as they walked away from a scene or were entering it. It was a great way to interact with the audience.

During the play, we can see the struggle one has with having an adventure, and learning to live a little. Time and work can make it difficult to enjoy life and the story line depicts it well.

The Plot Twist Thickens

Two young men who work for Vandergelder, asked him for a night off from working at his supply store. When their boss denied their request, it triggered an incident in the store so they would be able to leave to New York and enjoy their first kiss from a woman. But they are caught by Levi who promises them dates if they follow her plans to nab Vandergelder.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

The actors would even ask the audience for advice and break the fourth wall where the audience became a conscious for the characters.

Throughout the play, there were various split scenes where part of the audience was taken with one side and the other part of the audience was paying attention to the other scene happening on the opposite side of the stage.


This play highlights that taking a risk on a crazy adventure is okay to have those days become too predictable. The play gives an audience an escape from reality to watch memorable characters have a memorable adventure once in awhile but also great for the mind and the body. Also that some improvisation can lead to great things.