What the Health?

There is a lot of buzz about celebrities, social media artists, even friends and suddenly dropping their omnivorous eating lifestyle for a vegan diet, or even less specific: going plant based.

Why are people all of a sudden transitioning from having a meat eating diet, to being completely plant based? The answer lies within the new documentary called “What the Health.” Directors Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn shed a high rising spotlight on health that explains the effects of the meat and pharmaceutical industries have in society that not only may change the lifestyle of others, but even your own. The documentary gives viewers a different perspective towards the negative effects of economic persuasion towards the health industry, as well as positive effects of becoming plant based.

In the documentary, Andersen’s journey starts off by discovering aspects of how the American diet that contains meat, dairy, eggs, and other animal products have an unhealthy, and underlying factors that leads towards heart disease, diabetes, and cholesterol, to name a few. Meeting with several doctors, he narrates and reconstructs our viewpoint towards how the medical industry works towards treating sickness.

“We operate from the business model.” Dr. Milton Mills said in an interview. “We are in the business of treating sick people. We are not in the business of trying to prevent people from becoming sick”.

The film strongly emphasizes wanting to maintain economic success in fields like the medical, pharmaceutical, and industries that are advocating eating things like meat and dairy. This points out that perhaps these industries care less about one’s health, and more about their economic success.

What may surprise viewers is when Andersen revealed the truth that there are companies like Susan G Komen and the American Cancer Society who sponsor essential products that are leading to the detriment of our health. Foods like Yoplait yogurt, eggs, chicken, are foods that essentially keep people in the hospital.

Something that viewers may find disturbing is connecting the link towards the purpose of economic drive. The documentary shows that the main intentions of those in these meat and dairy industries want to keep making money from society, making people products of the hospital, instead of patients.

If anyone in society tries to debunk the ways of what these various industries are doing, it will cause an alarm to the systems that are making the trillions of dollars who contribute towards their success.

Anderson, among several other doctors in the story discuss aspects of how having a vegan lifestyle and diet can actually reverse the causes of diseases relevant to cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

“Doctors are not taught about the power of food in medical school.” Dr. Michelle McMacken said. “Changes in diet are the most powerful thing we can do to determine destiny– trumping genetics.”

Several doctors and athletes who have transitioned to a vegan lifestyle have confessed in the film to not only an improvement to their physical health, but to their mental and psychological health as well.

By being able to break down “What the Health”, viewers obtain new information that is essentially beneficial to them. Viewers are given the health perspective of the meat industry, how one can save themselves towards reducing issues like cardiovascular disease, heart disease, cholesterol, etc., and take initiative towards awareness.