The awaited return of The Walking Dead

Screenshot by Jordan Sweidan/The Skyline View

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The Walking Dead is back, and continues its twisting and turning third season with the premiere of episode nine this last Sunday. Rick’s group returns to the prison after rescuing Daryl, but unfortunately a few events of what should have been expected did take place.

Andrea begins to take position as a leader in Woodbury, as the Governor allows his community to believe that their city is on the brink of chaos.

From what has been shown, it looks like Glen has significantly changed from his and Maggie’s interrogation and torture in Woodbury. He seems to be a bit more violent and absolutely demands revenge for what happened to the two of them. His anger is portrayed as he curbs stomps a zombie repeatedly even after it’s clearly out of its misery.

Towards the end of the episode, Rick holds his infant daughter and appears to zone out, as the sound of her crying is running through his head. A few things can be going on in this scene.

He could possibly be thinking about the reality in which he’s holding his daughter, or that he’s thinking about Beth’s comment, “She has Lori’s eyes.” When she said that, I could imagine that he began to question whether or not she was really his child. Maybe he’s thinking in the back of his mind that Judith could possibly be Shane’s.

The group begins to worry about Rick as he is starting to lose control and doubting whether he can continue to lead them due to his hallucinations which take place again.

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