Rome-ing around Italy’s version of McDonald’s


Ileana Guillen

A complete Italian McDonald’s meal includes a side of chicken wings and their very own Speck and Asiago burger.

McDonald’s is as American as apple pie and has been a staple in American culture since 1955. Through globalization, McDonald’s began to expand their fast food chains in the global market by opening their first franchise in Canada and continued to grow worldwide.

During a recent trip to Italy, I went to Rome for the day with my family and was able to see breathtaking views, impeccable architecture, and historic monuments, such as the oldest supermarket in the world. Rather than sit down for a quintessential Italian lunch, my family and I decided to eat McDonald’s to maximize our time in the Eternal City.

The interior design was reminiscent of ancient Roman architecture, and their furnishings were very modern, unlike other Mcdonald’s I have visited in the past. I decided to order chicken wings, and their Speck and Asiago burger, along with a side of French fries and an orange soda. My initial thoughts of consuming fast food from the Golden Arches abroad did not amuse me, but I was sorely mistaken.

Drinking a McBeer with your McDonald’s meal is unheard of in the United States, but you can accompany your Big Mac with a beer in Italy. Moreover, individuals can expand their spectrum of burgers, as well as appetizers such as chicken wings, Panzerotti pomodoro e mozzarella, or Snack di Parmigiano Reggiano.

The hamburger patty was seasoned wonderfully, as well as juicy. In addition to mayonnaise, the burger bun was lathered with grain mustard which gave the hamburger a spicy and earthy essence.

Rather than utilize American cheese in the burger, such as in American Big Macs, Italian McDonald’s took advantage of the wide variety of cheeses their country has to offer and incorporated Asiago cheese into this very special burger.

Apart from the burger patty, they included a slice of Speck Alto Adige, a salty cured ham from northeast Italy similar to prosciutto but has their individualistic qualities.

Speck Alto Adige was a salty, greasy addition to the burger patty, which added flavor and a smooth and chewy texture to the dense and crumbly consistency of the beef patty. Besides the typical lettuce leaf, the Speck and Asagio had grilled zucchini which gave the burger a delightful crunch and a grilled flavor with a touch of earthy and slightly smoky.

Unlike at an American McDonald’s, you can purchase a beer to go along with your meal, and they have unique sides such as chicken wings and tomato and mozzarella panzerotti. I would rate my Italian McDonald’s meal 10/10. If you are ever in Rome, make sure you stop by the essentials: the oldest supermarket in the world, the Colosseum, and of course, the nearest McDonald’s. You won’t regret it.