The Best Advice to Keep Your Mind Off the Coronavirus is to Keep Your Mind on Your Business

With technology, it feels like the world is at your fingertips. As if the endless streaming of information could be swallowed up in one sitting. Find yourself watching live stories from anywhere on the planet, and you tuning into the next idolized persona. One minute of this can make us feel we are full of knowledge and inspiration, while another hour of that might make you question where your day has gone. Time is valuable in this lonely spring break affair and each day is itching for a new thing to consume. Prey on every opportunity that is hidden in the walls of your home and remember to keep these days measurable, and hopefully more memorable.


You might notice, if you have been online (and if you’re reading this, you most certainly are) that people out there are giving some great advice on how to get through this. Content is busier than ever, and if you have the time, you more than likely enjoying it. It’s also a great time to be creating and researching for your own value as well. If you Google yourself right now, what pops up? If you’re unhappy with the results, maybe this is the time to transition. Times are changing and a lot of great progressions is happening in terms of your individuality and online presence. People want to know what’s going on with other people and make friends or co-workers, even taboo careers of themselves. After mastering your presentation in person, you could use this time to develop your online image as well.

For a long time, you might have thought you lost your shot at something you love or been wanting to try for not having enough time or patience. Since things are really slowing down and testing your cabin-fever preserve, this might just be your chance. If you’re passionate about something, there is no better time than now to get it out there. Think sensibly about this strange time, not as a curse, but a break from the hectic life that once took hold of you. Build up that incredible tank of talent and knowledge to get through this incredibly rare hibernation period.

This is the time to read more books, learn a language, create a website, play an instrument, practice yoga, learn about investments and places you want to (and will be able to) visit once this is all over. While your inside, continue to FaceTime your friends and attend your Zoom meetings as well. It’s important to keep your social and work life strong during this crisis.

Pay all the more attention to your loved ones. They are practically sitting right where you are, wondering when this will all be over. Motivate each other and think of it as the self-investment game that if played right, you will all slowly start earning the benefits. We have already lived a hectic, information-overloaded society that constantly begs for our short-span attention, so utilizing this slow–quite honestly agonizing–break, might ask us to realize there are more essential beings that need attention. Yourself included. Don’t let the loneliness bring you down, in fact there is a chance for a higher standard of living and a stronger sense of self-awareness if you handle this correctly. To take it a step further, try to use this time to operate a stronger personal brand, and perhaps a more organized home interior.

Personal branding is like tweaking your Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder to make it your personal best. Boom, you’re a meme and also a genius. There’s always room for you on any platform for your professional image to bloom and share what you believe in. There is so much inspiration you can gain during these times, but also an endless amount of inspirational output as well. The best advice to keep your mind off work or the news, (hard to not think about) is to take action.

Work on yourself, find what makes you different from the crowd. Your major will get you the job, but your employer will wonder who you are, too. Manifest some hobbies that will not only help you with your relationships, but your creative abilities. 

One of the most important lessons coming out of this situation is learning how to be self-sustainable. Only using what you have in front of you and utilizing it for a greater purpose. Sustainability is a big word right now, and for good reason. Recently, National Geographic came out with some great ways we can reuse the build-up of waste happening on our planet. Rethink the way we consume and use energy, metals like electronics and machines, clothes, food, agriculture so we can create a more circular economy and a more positive impact on the planet. Imagine these factors infused in your everyday life as you keep busy.

Share your own tips on how to get through the days leading out of the epidemic. Collaborate with like-minded people and look forward to generating better, more self-reliable outcomes for ourselves and the environment. You are never too late or too small to begin a change in the windows of your home. This time too shall pass, but before it does, stay inside to be as safe as possible for as much as your active mind can take it. Look over this period as historical, both for the globe, and your own personal comeback. Study hard, stay inspired, and set goals for yourself. Things may not look great now, but staying online and indoors can either be detrimental or dedicated to something bigger than yourself. Try everything, you might never have all day.