Where passion meets the pitch


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Wembley Stadium

From the electric chants of the crowd to the energy on the pitch, professional soccer is an event like no other.

With the superstar talent, passionate fan bases, and iconic clubs and stadiums, this sport delivers unrivaled amounts of entertainment and excitement to viewers all over the world. Soccer is popular everywhere, but it thrives in Europe, with rooting for your hometown team basically being a way of life.

In the United States, the game of soccer is not nearly as beloved as sports such as American football and basketball, but it’s popularity is certainly growing.

Lynn Kyaw, a student at Skyline, has been a fan of professional soccer ever since he was young.

“I used to play soccer myself, so I know that the game is challenging,” Kyaw said. “That makes it enjoyable to watch these teams competing so hard to get a trophy or a position.”

Soccer is undoubtedly a difficult and tiring game. That is recognized and respected by fans all over.

Another student at Skyline, Brandon Campanelli, knows the energy it takes for soccer players to play, and that contributes to the reason why he loves watching the game so much.

“Playing pickup soccer games will make you appreciate the athleticism it takes to play at the highest level,” Campanelli said.

Another compelling aspect to soccer is how many different leagues and teams there are. There are always different matches and tournaments going on which can keep you interested in the sport at all times.

I conducted a survey around Skyline to find out which leagues students paid the most attention to. The Premier League seems to be the most popular among students here, which is the highest level of the English football league system, and generally regarded as the most talented league of them all.

The Champions league was another popular answer, which is an annual tournament consisting of the top teams in each of the high-level European leagues.

Campanelli loves tuning in to the Champions League since it includes the best teams and talent in Europe, but he also loves paying attention to Ligue 1, which is the primary league in France.

“I enjoy watching Ligue 1, and I root for Marseille,” Campanelli said. “I love their jerseys and how passionate their fanbase is. Plus, Alexis Sanchez is the best Chilean player ever, and he’s a great veteran for the team.”

Kyaw has a different set of leagues that he mainly tunes into, and he has his own favorite teams and players.

“I mainly watch the Premier League and Spain’s La Liga,” Kyaw said. “Overall, I root for PSG, and Lionel Messi is one of my favorite players.”

Soccer is clearly a beloved sport, even though it is not as popular as others in America. There will always be fans of the game here, and those fans are die-hard for the sport.

“The global competition is the coolest part about soccer,” Campanelli said. “There’s no sport that comes close to international popularity.”

There are so many aspects to this game that make it such an entertaining event to watch. The passionate fans, world-class players, and action-packed matches make this game what it is, and it is something that can never be replaced.

“If you’re new to watching professional soccer, I would recommend finding a reason to root for a team, even if it’s as shallow as liking the jersey,” Campanelli said. “You might actually start loving the team.”

Soccer is more than a game. It is a cultural experience that ignites passion, energy, and pride.