Apple Watches aren’t useful for Skyline students

Sports bands and Apple Watches don’t seem to have the rep they were meant to have when they were first released back in April 2015.

They kind of fell off and Skyline students don’t seem to benefit from the device for its purpose. Fitness.

For some, the purpose of the watch seems to be more of the time aspect more than tracking your steps, calories, or overall fitness goals.

Skyline student Jazz Firpo owns an Apple Watch herself; however, she doesn’t seem to find a ground-breaking reason to actually use it everyday as she finds herself without it everyday. She usually keeps hers in a drawer, collecting dust.

“Personally not for me,” Firpo said. “Because I don’t think I live an Apple Watch life. Plus I’m not allowed to wear a lot of tech and stuff at work… so I genuinely wouldn’t have a use for it for a majority of my day.”

Angelin Enriquez finds more use for the product because she actually uses it for her job, when she is checking the time for the boba to be ready. She was even thinking about upgrading her outdated watch for a newer one with a longer battery life. She finds it to be very useful for organization and multitasking.

“It’s just quicker to just check the time,” Enriquez said. “Also reminders with organization, just to have on file than having to pick up my phone.”

It seems that the product is more of an everyday product than an actual exercise watch. Especially for students who aren’t as active.

Skyline student Linxue Guo also falls into the category of people who don’t really find a use for her watch. She used to wear it everyday a couple years ago, but no longer finds herself putting it on.

“I used it like everyday,” Guo said. “Just to watch the time.”

As students navigate their way through college, it seems as though there is no real use for it unless you’re an active person or an athlete. These students usually find it more of a cash grab than a real necessity.