Tennis at Skyline: An inviting learning experience for all


Alex Gonzalez

Skyline student Russel Cainglet takes a swing.

Looking for a class that’ll push you physically while also getting the opportunity to meet new people in a smaller setting?

Look no further than the Tennis classes served here at Skyline College. All skill levels are welcome.

This inviting and friendly environment created by the smaller setting makes it easier for both the students and the professor to really get to know each other and improve their tennis skills, according to Professor Christopher Watters.

“I really enjoy being able to see the amount of individual progress each student makes,” Watters said. “Also with the small group interactions I feel like you really get a chance to get to know your students because in an environment like this it makes for more comfortable small talk than say a classroom setting.”

First-year student Samuel Ambriz also added on to the inviting nature of this class.

“Everyone in general in this class is pretty kind, you can see people helping each other out,” Ambriz said. “People don’t really judge you if you’re a beginner, they’ll give you tips to help you improve.”

Though both fun and relatively stress-free, this class may come with challenges. Tennis isn’t as well-known of a sport for most, so mastering the proper techniques may take some time.

However, these challenges may not be as daunting as they seem and may even come out as a learning lesson for the better, as said by Skyline student Russel Cainglet.

“Times where you get paired up with people who have experience may be challenging, but it’s more of a learning experience,” Cainglet said. “You’re going to be learning more techniques from these people with more experience.”

Professor Christopher Watters also added on to how his inexperience presented as a challenge, but with time was more about learning.

“My past experience with tennis was recreational, and that impacted the way I taught the class,” Watters said. “I’ve been teaching this class for three semesters and I’ve learned that the way that I understand the game wasn’t as easily transferable to the students as I thought it would be, so I knew I needed to understand the technical side of tennis.”

Overall, tennis can be a great learning experience for beginners looking for a challenge. We may not have a competitive tennis team here at Skyline, but the opportunities through this class are endless.