Playoff Preview: Super Bowl


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Jalen Hurts jogging toward the bench during a game against the Washington Commanders in week 10 on November 14th 2022.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs are getting ready to face off in this year’s Super Bowl this Sunday.

These two squads, who have only lost three games each this season, both finished as the one seed in their conferences heading into the playoffs. This game is undoubtedly going to be a battle until the end, which is apparent through DraftKings sportsbook, who have the Eagles favored by just 1.5 points.

Tommy Zhang, a student at Skyline, understands how tight this matchup will be between these two powerhouse teams. However, he slightly leans towards the Eagles to walk out of this game victorious, primarily because of dual-threat quarterback, Jalen Hurts.

“I think the Chiefs and Eagles are pretty even teams,” Zhang said. “The quarterbacks are the most important. Jalen Hurts has to play his best, and he has been all season. I don’t think the Eagles will lose.”

Philadelphia tallied eight consecutive victories to start the season, until they fell just short to the Washington Commanders in week 10. Their two other losses came in games when Jalen Hurts was not on the field, as he was dealing with a nagging shoulder injury.

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Chiefs, had loads of doubters coming into this season after his team lost star wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, to a trade with the Miami Dolphins in the offseason. However, Mahomes certainly conquered those allegations by playing at a high level and leading his team to 14 wins this year.

Hurts and Mahomes have been considered the heavy favorites to win this year’s MVP award. Their elite seasons had NFL fans around the country debating on who will bring it home, but it was announced on Thursday night that Mahomes edged out Hurts for the accolade.

Skyline student David Velis knows how difficult it is to root against Mahomes, especially in a big game.

“The Chiefs have a superior and more talented quarterback who doesn’t have many limitations to his game,” Velis said. “When in position to win a game, I believe that he always will.”
This is Mahomes’ third Super Bowl appearance, and he’s searching for his second victory. As for Hurts, he has surprised tons of football pundits by bursting onto the scene as one of the elite quarterbacks this year. This would be his first Super Bowl win, and the Eagles’ second in six seasons.

The Chiefs finished the regular season with the most points and most total yards, and the Eagles finished right behind them in second in both of those categories. It is difficult to imagine a more even and balanced matchup.

Another Skyline student, Tyrone Palacio, also has a tough time betting against Patrick Mahomes.
“Patrick Mahomes is unstoppable,” Palacio said. “He’s just way too good.”

This year’s Super Bowl consists of the top two teams in yards and points, two one seeds, and two MVP candidates. This Super Bowl is going to be a historic matchup between two terrific football teams.