XFL: The Comeback

The San Francisco 49ers may have lost the Super Bowl and the 100th season of the NFL might have ended but the XFL is here for those who want more football.

This past Saturday almost one week removed from the Super Bowl the XFL has made its comeback after almost 20 years since the failed alternative of the NFL.

In 2001, the owner of what was once called the World Wrestling Federation Vince McMahon decided he wanted to enter the Football business. At the time Vince McMahon had purchased his competition World Championship Wrestling when in American Online purchased Time Warner no longer wanting anything to do with wrestling.

Now that there was no competition with his wrestling company, McMahon decided to create more against the NFL. In 2001 NBC lost the broadcasting rights air the NFL, that’s when NBC executive Dick Ebersol decided to join McMahon in his idea. What made this league different was that it shared more of the over the top element wrestling carried at the time.

It wanted to be more violent and emphasized on the sex appeal as well as gave players the right to have nicknames like the most memorable player #30 on the Las Vegas Outlaws Rod “HE HATE ME” Smart. The first managed to be huge success but as the season went more problems began to happen and investors actually lost money. The original XFL only ran one season

In 2017 ESPN aired an episode on the XFL on their 30 for 30 documentary series. The popularity of the episode attracted McMahon into trying it out one more time. It was announced that in 2020 the XFL was making a comeback.

This time under the company Alpha Entertainment and McMahon backing it up with only $500 million invested making this company separated from his wrestling company which is believed to be what failed the first incarnation.

Throughout 2019 announcements were made shaping the league.

It was all set on the same network as the Super Bowl itself, the XFL premiered on Fox. This time around the rules were not as extreme as the original but are still different.

According to the official XFL website they live by three core principles which is, being for the fans, letting the fans be as close to the game as possible and staying true to the game as they say “No Gimmicks Needed.” Some key takeaways of how different the game is played is no extra-point kick. Instead teams have the option to gain extra one to three points, by attempting to run a play from the two, five or 10 yard line. Kick off is completely different as well, players now must line up five yards apart and when the returner catches the ball players from both sides can now move.

The XFL also moves faster than NFL with a 25 second play clock. And to make it easier to determine catches players now only need one foot in bound instead of two which makes game play faster.

Although the Bay Area does not have a local team they have the choice of building a fandom with eight new teams. For those who were disappointed in the results of the Super Bowl the XFL is a great way for fans to distract themselves as they wait for the next season or even the MLB to officially comeback.

With solid television ratings for week one, the controversy that the first incarnation has not yet followed the reincarnation of the 2020 XFL.