Bust or break?

On April 26, 2018, the National Football League (NFL) held the first round of the draft. In this round there were 32 different selections. However the question people had, was what the Cleveland Browns are going to do with first pick of the draft.

The first draft pick is very sacred, because you can essentially choose any player from any position. Even with this holy grail, pick teams especially like the Cleveland Browns seemed to have a bust.

On this night, the Cleveland Brown draft pick is borderline controversial as they selected with the first pick, Quarterback Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma University. He started as a walk on player at Texas Tech where must kids get a spot on the team via scholarship, but Mayfield had to earn his place. He would eventually earn the starting quarterback job.

Mayfield would later receive the Big 12 Conference Freshman Offensive Player of the Year award for the 2013 season. However he would leave Texas Tech for what he called communication issues with the coaching staff. We would duplicate his success as he walked on to Oklahoma University.

He would have great numbers overall for his college years in the 47 games he has played and he has an overall completion percentage of 68.6 and had thrown for 129 touchdown passes as opposed to just 29 interceptions.

So it is not a complete surprise that this past 2017 Heisman Trophy winner is the most astounding college player for football. He was the first walk on player to win this award and for his past senior year he had his lowest year for interception thrown (5). He has thrown for 41 touchdown passes as he lead his team to the national championship semifinals. Unfortunately they lost to Georgia in that game.

However this talented quarterback is a bit of wildcard individual and has picked up a bit of a scarlet letter reputation due to his antics on and off the football field.

He had a brief run in with the Oklahoma law enforcement back in February of 2017 where he was arrested, The charges included public intoxication, disorderly conduct, fleeing and resisting arrest. He was eventually sentenced on June 15, 2017 for 35 hours of community service and a alcohol education program.

Not only was this past offseason of 2017 a call of concern, but his on the field antics as well caught a lot of negative media coverage that may come back to haunt him.

From the start of the season on September 9, 2017, after their team’s first huge win of season when they defeated Ohio State, he grabbed the Oklahoma school flag in the middle of the painted “O” at Ohio State Buckeyes stadium. I believe this showed his lack of growth and maturity considering that he could not handle himself after a big win appropriately.

Then there was an issue where on the sideline during a game against Kansas back in November of 2017, he glanced at the Kansas sideline and grabbed his crotch aggressively towards them. He argued it was in retaliation of his soreness from before the game, when the opposing players refused to shake his hand. And these occurrences happened during his Senior year, supposedly the year by which point he should have known better.

These events show that he is not ready, which begs the question is he ready for the NFL stage? Has he really grown from his mistakes?

If history proves itself then perhaps, it will repeat itself if Mayfield hasn’t truly learned from his mistakes and from others before him, then he will most likely be added to the list of busted draft picks.