Skyline stumbles against Foothill

On Feb. 9th Skyline college tipped off against Foothill College trying for a win.

Skyline’s men’s team started the game very lethargically and seemed unfocused. Skyline allowed Foothill to move the ball with ease through their defense and were very slow in chasing after the ball and switching on defense, allowing the offense to get a lot of wide open shots.

The Skyline defense was allowing a lot of those open shots on the perimeter, thus allowing Foothill to gain control of the gain by their three point shooting. In the first half Foothill had seven threes alone.

It wasn’t just the open shots, that presented a struggle, but also Skyline could not keep Foothill off the free throw line as Foothill secured 11 free throws.

Skyline tried to maintain the damage and keep themselves in the game by getting shots in the inside and put backs, lead mostly by Chris Fontaine who had 10 points of the boards. Skyline was able to get to the free throw line a couple times in the first half.

At the end of the half Skyline was staring at a 24 point deficit.

Skyline gave it a good run in the second half with an offensive attack behind the arch lead by Darna Stewart and Clayton Ladine as they combined for five three pointers. In the paint, forward Chris Fontaine maintained his tenacity on the boards as he scored 12 points.

Skyline’s defense was locked in the second half as their quick feet and clamping defense generated a couple of rush shots and turnovers.

At one point Skyline cut down that deficit to five points, but were unable to get over that hump as Foothill finished them off by getting shots to the basket, getting to the line, and a pair of dagger three pointers.

Due to Skyline’s early struggles in the first half in which they found themselves in a 24 point hole, they were not able to completely recover.

In the end Skyline fell to Foothill 94 to 80.