Patriots presence in the Super Bowl gives fans mixed feelings

The first weekend of February is fast approaching, and so is the annual National Football League Championship game known as the Super Bowl. This year’s Super Bowl is just look like agony to watch do to fact that one of the featuring teams is yet again the New England Patriots.

This coming Sunday on Feb. 4, 2018, the 52nd Super Bowl where the National Football Conference champions, the Philadelphia Eagles will be playing yet again against defending Super Bowl and now American Football Conference, the New England Patriots.

Millions of people will be tuning in to root for the repeat championship win for New England as they appear in their third Super Bowl in the past four years or for the hyped up underdog logo of Philadelphia Eagles this their third time reaching the Super Bowl in franchise’s history for their first Super Bowl win.

A lot of people would feel less compelled to watch the Super this year since it is featuring the New England Patriots yet again. There are a lot of people just watching hoping that they can get knocked off by the New England Patriots because they are tired of seeing this team constantly in the Super Bowl.

Despite the fact that the New England Patriots’ coaching staff and team have created such a successful winning formula that they have managed to outbest their opponents in nearly every occasion.

The legacy of the New England Patriots’ near invisible reign will always have a stain on it, starting from their first Super Bowl appearance and Super Bowl Victory for the Super Bowl XXXVI.

During their playoff run there was a infamous tuck rule that helped them escape elimination against the Oakland Raiders in the American Football Conference divisional round.

The tuck rule has always technically existed, however; it has hardly ever been called on until that critical point in the late fourth quarter of the game.

The Patriots were driving late in the game and on pass pay Quarterback, Tom Brady was getting sacked on his way to the ground losing possession of the ball and was then recovered by the Raiders defense. The game seemed over at that point.

Then all of a sudden, the play was put on further review and the official determined NFL Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2 was called inaffected.

This means it was determined that they believe the offensive player, Brady, that his arm was going forward to tuck the ball away. Which means to turnover just dead ball.

That call has forever changed the outcome of that game and probably, playoff history.

The Patriots keep the ball and dove it down the field for a tying field goal and eventually won the game in overtime.

In 2007 before a regular season they were caught recording the Jet’s defensive signal calling and that scandal known as Spygate. The Patriots would go on to have one of the best records in NFL history to only to fall short in Super Bowl XLII.

Another scandal that plagues the Patriots is deflategate. During the American Football Conference game, the Patriots were accused of using lighter pressurized footballs compared to their opponent’s, the Indianapolis Colts. The issue is that these footballs gave the Patriots an unfair advantage as they demolished the Colts, 45 to 7 as New England would eventually go on to be Super Bowl XLIX Champions.

The bottom line is this: the New England Patriots are a good team and has had one of the best runs as a team in NFL history. However, they will always be seen as villains in their own story as a result of their rather scandalous past.