NFL pandemonium continues

Another Billionaire is adding unnecessary fuel to a the National Foot Ball National anthem protesting.

In late October the National Football League owners had a closed meeting about the players protesting during the national anthem and how it was effecting the NFL’s business. These players are currently protesting police brutality and racial inequality.

One of several owners that are opposed to the players’ protesting is the Houston Texan’s Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Office Robert McNair.

McNair carelessly refers to these issues and how to handle it as, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

He would later issue a public apology for is statements but the damage was done. His comments shocked room and sent shock waves across the league.

McNair’s comments put more charcoal on the barbequer. Many people sat there and scratched their heads in awe of what he said. How can a team owner in any of the sports league say that about their players? Perhaps to understand that moment of blasphemes perception is to look at these owners positions. The position they hold on the team is more than just the sports franchises, but it’s a lucrative business.

They are not just owners, but businessmen. Just like in any other businesses these owners are there to create revenue and sell for a profit. In this particular matter, the world of sports has their product which gives entertainment, and the their revenue is based on how valuable the product line is. This is followed by expressing this through the team’s performance that is then translated into TV ratings and broadcasting contracts, jersey sales, ticket sales and sponsorship. They look at this aspect of business.

They have assets that they heavily rely on so dearly in order for their world to function, however; that world is threaten due to the latest controversies of player kneeling during the national anthem. Due to majority of these players protesting police brutality and racial inequality during the anthem, sponsors are threatening to pull out their sponsorship’s over these demonstrations. The most vital source of income for the NFL are the fans. Fans are beginning to boycott games, because of their strong beliefs about players kneeling during the anthem. NFL ratings have dropped 10% for the first three weeks of the season, which started Sept. 7, with about 15.8 million viewers watching, compared to 17.6 million during the first three weeks of 2016, according to Nielsen data.

According to CBS Money Watch are losing their revenue “In September, ticket sales at TicketCity are down 16 percent from a year ago”.

These trends are negatively affecting the NFL’s image and financials although this does not excuse the lack of humanity of the situation. These players are a vital part to the sports world and the obvious fact is that they are the center of the sports world. Without these players you would not have anything to watch on Sunday’s. Many fail to look pass their play on the field and that they are human beings who have their own lives to live. It is in within their rights to protest for their own beliefs.

McNair’s comments was not just rude, but idiotic. Without these players he would not have product to sell to people. Just like any other business a person are only as good as their employees. The NFL is not an institution. Owner’s own teams not the players. The players may play for them, but they have their free will.

Houston’s star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins as a reaction to those comments skipped out on practice. Then that Sunday the Houston team linked arms and three quarters of the knelt in protest of their owners comments, because these players’ have the right and freedom to express themselves

However McNair comments just exemplified the owners exhausted relationships between the NFL Owners and NFL Players over the the protest of the National Anthem. Ultimately the players’ will be victorious, because no matter the amount of money, true players will continue the fight for their beliefs. In reality at the end of the day it is all about passion.