Are the Champs going back to back?

As basketball season tips off another chance for teams to prove themselves, the previous NBA (National Basketball Association) Champion the Golden State Warriors are entering this season to defend their title.

However, besides being the defending champions pressure is mounting on them into being one of the best NBA teams ever. From their previous 2016-2017 championship season into the new 2017- 2018 season is their lineup consisting of four previous all stars, a pair of past league Most Valuable Players (MVP) award recipients wit Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant , last year’s Defensive Player of the Year (Draymond Green), and more improve talented bench that they should be on cruise control for another championship.

Maybe even one of the greatest season of all time, and they can even topped their team’s previous historical record from the 2015- 2016 season of 73 wins and 9 losses. With a high power roaster like this you would think there is no way they could lose. However there is, and it’s more than one.

After last season’s dominating record of 67 wins and only 15 losses, the Golden State Warriors embarked on one of the greatest playoffs run in the NBA’s history. By sweeping their way through to the NBA finals past, Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, and San Antonio Spurs, and then followed up those performances by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in four games to one in the NBA Finals.

Teams in this year’s NBA season have built themselves just to try to beat Golden State Warriors. Especially in the Western Conference there has been a lot of renovations among those teams through trades and free agencies.

Oklahoma City build up their team by a company their current MVP Russel Westbrook with a couple of former all-stars Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. Minnesota snatching all-star Jimmy Butler in a trade with Chicago Bulls. The Houston Rockets resurrecting all-star Chris Paul to play with the crafty James Harden. If the Warriors can still get pass their newly founded competition, they likely to face last year’s finals opponents the Cleveland Cavalier that has super charge their roasters with the addition of more all-stars Isaiah Thomson, David Wade, and Derek Rose to play along a side with future Hall of Famer LeBron James. Their rival in the NBA Finals has revamped their lineup so it can go toe to toe with Golden State. The Golden State Warriors are not the only ones that is a super team anymore.

Getting back to the pinnacle of another championship season will not be a walk in the park. It will be a road full of adversities and torture. However, I have no doubt that they can still do it, they have the best offensive philosophy in basketball with their active ball passing skills.

Their offense is Head Coach Steve Kerr’s version of the triangle’s offense that he played as player, but with a lot more misdirection than just pick and role. There is ton of off the ball picks and screen plays that can be called upon nearly any play with this lineup. This octane offense has become the best in the league, and maybe in the NBA history.

The problem isn’t whether or not they have the ability to be great they already are, but it’s mentally capacity to stay focused on what makes them great which can be worrisome.

A constant challenge it will be for them is to stay focused and to play with consistency while they navigate through this season with a target on their backs. The issue is that if the team may become relaxed based on their positive reputation, their performance may get sloppy.

On their opening night with the roaring of Oracle after the ring ceremony they had a chance to set the tone for the season that they can be the best, but unfortunately those fears came to light that night. Against the Houston Rockets they had fourth quarter lead and they failed to close the game. Despite the fact that Draymond Green went down with the injury, they had the ability to close the game but failed by only mustering to score 20 points that fourth quarter as they fell to the Rockets by a single point.

Hopefully this loss would provide a good lesson for this season on how they may be not be great as they think they are but also that they need to practice to stay sharp at all times if they expect to make another run at championship.