Wild Card Magic Draws Two

It’s October so its time for classic fall festivities like pumpkin carvings, Halloween, and especially the classic past time of playoff baseball. This euphoric month for baseball fans starts of with this pair of one game playoff wild card games.These wild card games take place for both American and National leagues of the MLB (Major League Baseball).

How playoffs breakdown into there are one game playoff between runner up teams in both leagues. The top team in the wild card standings would be the host and play the runner up and winner moves on to the next round. Then it goes into the division series in which is the team that is best of five games. That rolled into a conference series between top two leagues teams where its best of seven games. Last it’s the grand finale the pinnacle World Series which is best of seven games series.

That wild card one game round added a new element that is great for the game and will continue to keep bringing more greatness to the luxuries history of October baseball. Some critics worry about the competition within division at the end of the seasons and into playoffs would be drained. There will be loss value in the teams that are allowed into the playoffs, but Instead that competition has thrust itself itself into these two individual playoff games that will have big implication in the playoffs for both American and National Leagues playoff. These wild card games has brought extra playoff position teams to fight for.

Before 2012 there was only eight teams that were four from each conference went on to play in October’s postseason. Three spots from each conference are awarded would play on in, and then one team from each conference that was on top of the wild card standings move on right into the division series.

Now by adding this wildcard brought a new wave of excitement and furious competition, because it bring a sense that nobody’s out of it. That shows that all time saying of it’s not over until it’s over. Especially when it comes with fever of competition and the hunt for the post season brought new endless possibilities for teams trying to make a push into the playoffs, and a run for a championship. For example San Francisco Giant’s 2014 championship run all started, because they manage to get into that second wildcard spot. They made a run and claim a championship.

In 2014 wild card games the Kansas City Royals hosted the Oakland A’s and the Royals clawed themselves a victory against the Oakland A’s in the American League and the San Francisco Giants that will blowout the home team Pittsburgh Pirates in National League. The Kansas City Royals would go on to dominate in the postseason by sweeping their next to opponents into the World Series.

While The San Francisco Giants pushed their way past their next two opponents in the World Series. They set up the first ever World Series between to wildcard game winners, and these two teams provide one of the best World Series going the distance the full sevens games with the Giants winning it all in game seven.

The new wild card format gives more spots for teams to play in the post-season and without those additional spots this championship would not have existed. These wild card games in their short history have become instant classic and team for the ages can emerge themselves into history by bringing more memories for epic fall classics.