Superbowl? More like superbore

Last weekend, the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers at Superbowl 50.

Even though it wasn’t a convincing victory, the Broncos managed to beat the Panthers 24-10.

Plenty of bad calls were made, especially against the Panthers. Without those calls, it would have been a much closer game.

To be fair, the Broncos’ defense was great, they really gave Cam and the gang a tough time. But the Broncos’ offense wasn’t doing much to threaten the Panthers. It seemed to just be a really bad game for the Panthers.

In the first half, the first touchdown made by the Broncos was off a fumble. When Von Miller sacked Cam Newton, the ball fumbled and landed in the end zone. As soon as Malik Jackson recovered the fumble, it was an automatic touchdown. The Broncos were up 10-0.

From then on, it was only downhill for the Panthers. They never took a lead on the Broncos, and Cam got sacked another five times for the remainder of the game. The Panthers suffered a total of seven sacks throughout the game.

Neither teams did exceptionally well offensively. Newton and Manning were virtually even across the stats board. Basically, neither of them were doing well. It was just an endurance game, who could survive the heavy defensive display each time was showcasing.

The only touchdowns the Broncos made were off defensive plays, which really shows that the offense wasn’t going anywhere. The one touchdown that was actually made through an offensive play was by a rush completed by Jonathan Stewart.

This was actually the most entertaining play of the entire game. Stewart rushed through the defensive line and jumped way above the line to make the touchdown.

By halftime, the game was at 13-7 after the Broncos completed two field goals for the remainder of the first half.

The Panthers got first possession for the second half. But even then, the Panthers didn’t make any more points for the rest of the game.

The rest of the game was just painful to watch, especially if you’re a Panthers fan. The Broncos’ last touchdown was completed following a fumble, including another sack on Newton by Miller. This one ended in a turnover and put the Broncos back on offense.

Then, they just completed a few runs and wound up on the two yard line with a first down. C.J. Anderson completed the touchdown. They then attempted a 2-point play instead, which felt unnecessary considering they were already up by 12 at that point, and there was only three minutes left on the clock.

The disappointment on Cam Newton’s face at the post-game press conference perfectly sums up the Superbowl, really. Not just the Panthers’ effort.

Overall, the game really summed up the entire season. Boring season, boring Superbowl. Which is really sad for us Bay Area fans, since our very own Levi’s Stadium hosted it.

Hopefully, the next season will be better. Who knows, maybe Manning will retire again, maybe Newton will come back even stronger. That, or the 49ers may have a better season with another new head coach, and the Seahawks may have a rough season now that Marshawn Lynch retired.