Warriors on their way to finals

Basketball season is the only one I really look forward to every year. The enthusiasm I get from watching it with my family brings me so much joy, and I have them to thank for my new, profound interest in sports.

The Bay Area’s very own Golden State Warriors have made history in setting the record for the most consecutive wins in starting the new season. As of Dec. 2, their game against the Charlotte Hornets put them at 20 consecutive wins so far.

Their 2014-2015 season was indeed their best season. With a record of 67 wins in a season and their amazing teamwork on the court, they deserved their rings and championship trophy.

With a ranking of number one in the Western Conference of the NBA, they definitely have a chance of making it to the playoffs and winning another NBA championship. As crazy as it may sound, the Warriors could possibly win all the games that they play this season. As much as people might think there’s a small chance of that happening, their team coordination and stability thus far says otherwise. Even though it seems impossible, it’s possible.

With players like their point guard, Steph Curry, the Warriors have a definite shot at making the championships again this year. This season alone, Curry has made 45 percent of his three point shots, according to espn.go.com.

Shooting guard Klay Thompson and small forward Andre Iguodala have also been players that contributed to the success of the Warriors last season.

Last season, Curry and Thompson earned the nickname “Splash Brothers” because they made 525 three-pointer shots combined, which is an NBA record.

From last season, Curry and Thompson have a combined average of 45.5 points made per game. This season their combined average for the season so far is 47.9 points per game.

They are both really good players, and Iguodala is also a highly valuable player to the Warriors. Last season, he really started showing up throughout the season. He played in 77 games, and did not get a chance to start in any game, yet he made an average of 7.8 points per game and an average of 35 percent of three-point shots. Iguodala’s time on the court really gave him a chance to show what he could bring to the games. Iguodala has an excellent ability to shoot the ball. He definitely deserved the title for “Finals MVP” last season.

As for this season, the Warriors have been good with the number of shots they have been making. This season so far, the team has an overall average of 42.3 field goals made per game and the number attempted is 86.1, according to espn.go.com.

On the court, the team is pretty fast with handing the ball and utilizing the floor space well. They have good team work, and players like Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green have made an extensive contribution to the wins they have made so far this season.

Overall, they are a good team, and they would be a hard team to beat if or when they make it to the championships again this season. There is a lot of faith put into our home team, and they are making history right now in the NBA. They have the potential to win another championship that would for sure make the Bay Area proud.