Bruce Jenner’s sex reassignment journey

A little less than 40 years ago, an Olympic athlete received the James E. Sullivan Award for being a top amateur athlete in the United States. Bruce Jenner was a very successful Olympian back in the 1970s. But he is now facing the most life-changing transformation of his life, becoming a woman.

After achieving so much as an Olympian and as a television personality, Jenner has now decided to go all the way with his decision to become a woman. He is set to reveal his soon-to-be female name to Diane Sawyer when he gets on her show. Unfortunately, his surgery was put on hold because of a car crash he was in recently. He’s still going through with it, just not anytime soon.

Jenner was a very successful decathlete but as a television personality, I’m not so sure. I actually really don’t understand his intentions at this point. As much as I’d like to celebrate his transition, it’s just truly unclear what he wants out of it. He was a huge family man, a great legacy to lay down as the stepfather of that ultrapopular family, the Kardashians (you probably haven’t heard of them). Now the Kardashians and the Jenners are about to have two mothers.

It’s beautiful how he’s going through this transition in his life and that he has that much dedication to go through all of this to complete his transformation into a woman. But the whole Kardashian/Jenner family is too full of publicity stunts to even take him seriously. He’s possibly the worst as a poster child for decathletes, too. You do not want someone like Jenner as he is today to pop up in your head when thinking about decathletes.

He achieved a lot as a decathlete but all of that is behind him now. He’s become a television personality, a father to a ridiculous family, and now he’s soon to become a woman. There is no way people can look past all that he’s going through and appreciate him as a decathlete still. People normally keep their transition on the down low, but with someone who has as much fame as Bruce Jenner, this is probably impossible. It’s very unfortunate for him that people won’t take too lightly to this transformation of his.