Disappointing loss for the men’s soccer team 6-0


Photo by Will Nacouzi/The Skyline View

The Trojans committed 11 fouls in their sloppy 6-0 loss to the Vikings.

The Trojans fell to the West Valley College Vikings in their last game of the season, 6-0, on Nov. 15 at Skyline College.

The whistle blows and the game begins against the Vikings. Within two minutes of the game, a penalty kick was called for West Valley and they scored the first goal of the game. Minutes after that, the Vikings’ strikers charged and scored a second goal. Although the wind was not on Skyline’s side, Skyline’s motivation was to play hard regardless.

Skyline shifted their mode from defense to attack to try to tie the game before the end of the first half, but West Valley kept scoring and ended the first half 4-0. This is a result from West Valley dominating the possession of the ball as the plays were constantly on Skyline’s side.

“Those first two goals definitely set the tone of the game,” Coach Link said. “The party wasn’t the same and [West Valley] plays really hard.”

The second half started and the Trojans got the ball first. Soon enough West Valley gets the ball and Skyline shifts back into defense. The Vikings sneaked a play from the wings and centered the ball into the goal. Trojans’ striker Michael McNab grew frustrated as the game carried on; He began to throw pushes and elbows to his opponents left and right. The refs did not issue any penalty cards against him, but did give the Vikings the ball after an obvious foul.

Skyline lost 6-0. The team didn’t adapt well and caved under tension. West Valley took advantage of the fouls. Passes weren’t always to their own teammates because they didn’t maintain control of the ball mostly because communication was not there. Because of that, West Valley was in main possession of the ball during the whole game.

Team captain, Yoann Rosas, communicated with his teammates to encourage them to keep playing hard. He was everywhere in the field; trying to take the ball from West Valley and encouraging the defensive line to move up and attack West Valley’s half.

Skyline employed a defensive alignment throughout the game even though they trailed. The Vikings attempted 18 shots on goal while the Trojans only mustered up two.

The Trojans won’t be advancing to the postseason. Their final record stands at 3-2-14.

Head coach Daniel Link recognized that it was a challenging season.

“I’m satisfied with how the players kept their head up and kept going,” Link said. “We have been battling this season, going hard during practice.”