The Beat with Kylea Pearson: And Suddenly it’s 2007


With the release of new music from some of our beloved childhood artists, it feels as though we have time traveled back to the early 2000s. We cannot travel into the future, however, so we can’t tell how long these throwback artists will continue on in the music industry but it’s clear they have missed the spotlight and die-hard fans have never stopped holding out hope for the artists’ return.

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers, however, have been to the year 3000 and said we will then live underwater, also your great, great, great, granddaughter is doing fine. The last time the Jonas Brothers released music together was 2009 and they officially broke up in 2013 after two years of musical silence. Each brother went off in a different direction. The oldest, Kevin Jonas, got married and had two kids with his wife Danielle Jonas. Joe Jonas, the second oldest, started a band called “DNCE” and had one hit in 2015 called, “Cake By The Ocean” and the band soon broke up in early 2018. Nick Jonas, however, stunned the music industry with his multi-talented brain as he pursued an independent music career. He released several hits such as, “Jealous,” “Close,” “Find You” and “Right Now.” It seems though that the brothers can never truly split up. The three have mentioned they have been planning this reunion since late 2018 and have been nonstop working ever since. On Feb. 28th, 2019 at midnight, the Jonas Brothers released their song and music video, “Sucker,” to the public and was at the top of the charts for the following three days and remains in the top 40 charts. It can be expected they will go on tour this year as they await the release of their new album, as brothers once again.

Taylor Swift

Another artist that has big plans for 2019 is Taylor Swift. Her album “Reputation” was one of the most successful albums in music from 2017 to 2018 as her tour broke Madonna’s record for most sold out shows. These past two years Taylor has not attended any award shows or was involved in any interviews as she keeps her life incredibly private. Now that the “Reputation Era” is over, Taylor will infamously turn over a new leaf, as she does for each album. For the first time in years, Taylor appeared on ELLE magazine’s March cover in the U.K. and in the U.S. She was interviewed on the importance of personal narrative in pop music and what she’s learned in her almost 30 years of life. Also, for the first time since her social hiatus, Taylor is listed as a performer for the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Mar. 14, 2019. Fans can expect big things from her, as she is known for releasing new music the day before award show performances. This day will be the 13th of March which is also known as Taylor’s infamous lucky number as this year marks 13 years of her music career.

Miley Cyrus

You get the best of both worlds with Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus, this year. Though Hannah Montana is no longer her stage name and the blonde wig came off in 2010, Miley Cyrus has emerged from her reckless and wild stage from the release of her album “Bangerz” as she now begins to release music a song at a time. Her song that was released in 2018, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” in collaboration with Mark Ronson, has initiated a step in her career and has shown a more mature side of her that fans have been waiting on. Though she did release an album in 2017, Miley hasn’t been touring and has instead been spending time with her husband and her family. The artist has not shown plans to begin any touring, though she has shown plans of releasing new music within this year as well as her continuous activism work with Happy Hippie, the nonprofit organization she founded to fight injustice.