Skyline’s auction hunters!

Skylines auction hunters!

It was announced this morning by the district that all San Mateo County community colleges will commence the start-up of a new type of class auctioning system that will allow the highest bidding students to attain an add code for classes that would normally have a wait list, instead of being a first to sign up sort of system as is the norm in the past.

This new system, which goes by the acronym C.A.S.H. (Callous Acquisition of Student’s Hard-cash) will allow students who have maintained high grades throughout their college careers to attain open spots in classes that have been cleared due to students dropping.

Theses students will attain a special currency aptly named “Grade Bucks” which will then be used in a virtual auction held through Skyline’s companion app.

At the last district board meeting Rich Uncle Nicklebags proclaimed in a statement that this new system will both “entertain students, and encourage then to do well at the same time”

Once a student drops a class an update is immediately sent to Skyline’s network, which automatically sets up a virtual auction. Allowing students to bid against each other for five hours. Wait list students will be notified about said auctions through notifications on the app and through email.

On the other hand, some students are ecstatic about the prospect of the new system.

“I can’t wait for this new system,” a member of Kappa Beta High Fi Sigma Q, Goody Marks, said. “I can finally get all the classes I want thanks to my hard work”.
Marks is in the process of studying for his finals in 18 weeks.

Many students seem apprehensive about the new system. One club in particular was livid about the decision.

“This is completely unfair,” a member of the Students With Slightly Lower Than Average GPAs Club, John Copperplate Light Gothic, said. “How are students that are struggling going to get into high demand classes, say if they register for the college late. I’m not a goody two shoes but i’m trying as hard as I can.”

Gothic was quoted while playing his Nintendo 3DS during his class break time.
The new system is currently in development and the district plans on rolling it out around 2020. While C.A.S.H. was the highlight of the meeting, the Competitive Market Committee plans on rolling out many more changes to the way school handles it’s business on campus.

Disclaimer: This being April 1, it’s that time of the year again: happy April Fools’, Skyline College!! This article was written as part of “The Skyline View” April Fools’ celebrations and as such, the subject of the article is not real and didn’t happen nor take place.