Skyline could become dinosaur containment facility

Skyline could become dinosaur containment facility

A Tyrannosaurus Rex ravaged the campus on March 31.

Bystanders were shocked and helpless regarding the incident.

“It was such a shocking incident,” Henry Gordon said. “I honestly thought I would only see this in the movies but Skyline suddenly turned into a real-life Jurassic Park.”

Four people have been confirmed dead and dozens injured. The deceased remain unidentified, and the bodies may be irretrievable.

Despite the incident, many have helped to contain the dinosaur but even in that process, many lives were lost. Ten people died in the effort to stop the T-Rex’s rampage.

After nearly a day, the T-Rex has now been contained in the quad, and it is difficult to transport, so the district plans on keeping it there.

“We have no choice but to keep it here,” saidGregory Ingram the head paleontologist in charge of containing the T-Rex, “Although I have been researching these creatures for the most of my career, I wasn’t expecting to find a live one, especially at a campus like Skyline’s.”

They created barricades connecting buildings 6, 5, 2, and 1. The barricades are now going to restrict access to the quad for obvious reasons.

The incident also inconvenienced many students as they cannot access the classrooms, or even the cafeteria.

“It pretty much destroyed everything, what am I supposed to do now?” Student Raymundo Narvaez said. “I can’t even go to class, or have a good lunch at school, all because of this dumb old Rex.”

The T-Rex is to be kept here until they find a safe way to transport it. Experts are saying that they just might have to shut down Skyline completely and turn it into a containment facility for dinosaurs, especially because there is already a T-Rex here. There is a lot of space that can be allocated to containment facilities, and the campus is a little isolated, especially down the hill.

“This dinosaur needs to stay here,” Ingram said. “There isn’t anything else we can do. We aren’t prepared for this kind of situation. I know we’re supposed to be but you’ve watched Jurassic Park. Nobody is prepared for something like this.”

Velociraptors have been spotted in the San Bruno area and they might be transported to Skyline.

“We really are hoping to turn this place into a containment facility for dinosaurs,” Ingram said. “It’ll be very convenient, especially because of the location, and they already have the T-Rex here, anyway. We’re hoping to even turn it into a park!”.

If they go through with turning Skyline into a full-time containment facility for dinosaurs, we can expect the campus to shut down by next year.