Skyline partners with iHat to improve student learning


Sick of bad hair days? Lost your hat? Look no further, Skyline College has your back!

In a unique move by the campus, Skyline plans on teaming up with iHats to create a fresh new innovative way of learning. All students will be required to wear hats during class to help improve their learning process.

This new class requirement is scheduled to be enforced next fall semester.
iHat is a fashion tech company founded in Birmingham, AL. The founder, Radric Davis, has a culinary degree and several years of hands-on experience with working with the elderly. However, he owns over 27 hats and plays “Flappy Bird” on his iPhone on a daily basis and claims Skyline will love his invention.

“Trust me I trained my whole life for this. This is learning at the next level,” Davis said. “We firmly believe students will learn better with this, don’t believe me just watch.”

iHats will be sold in the student store in building 6. The hats debut several styles: snap-back, fitted, cowboy etc. and tons of different color schemes. The features of iHat consist of wi-fi capability, a sweat band (very needed during finals), a water bottle holder, WebAccess compatibility, and also allows you to record your teacher’s lecture and directly transfer it to your computer or smart phone. To make the learning process even easier for you a small attachment will be added on all iHat products for holding electrical devices.

“Students want to look good when they’re learning,” Head of Design for iHats, Torrence Hatch said. “We’re bring knowledge and style all together.”

There has already been some speculation about how Skyline will afford these types of class upgrades that are offered through these new requirements. A small rise in student tuition is expected to help accommodate the funding for this new project. The technology that is necessary for the usage of iHats will be added to class rooms over the summer semester.

The learning center at Skyline will be working closely with the iHat representatives. In order to ensure that you get the best iHats tailored to your academic needs. It is highly recommended you come talk to a Skyline or iHats workers to determine what level hat you feel most comfortable with.

“This is going to benefit students in so many ways,” Lauryn Hill, project lead, said. “We want students to focus on looking good, and I guess learning is okay too.”
Although, this hat requirement will not be enforced until fall semester, don’t wait around and miss out.

I hope they have a hat that will make me look just like John Wayne.

Disclaimer: This being April 1, it’s that time of the year again: happy April Fools’, Skyline College!! This article was written as part of “The Skyline View” April Fools’ celebrations and as such, the subject of the article is not real and didn’t happen nor take place.