Letter to Editor: What Libya Needs

More weapons!?!? Really?!?! We will be repeating another blunder in a part of the world where America has become inextricably associated with sowing instability, death and destruction.

Let’s do the exact opposite. Take out what weapons are already there. Place an arms embargo on the country until the feuding parties run out of bullets and are forced to come together. Stop Egypt, Turkey, Qatar and others from supplying the warring parties with weapons and fighters.

Libya is a failed state awash with weapons, so I was dumbfounded to hear Secretary of State Kerry suggest that we send more weapons to that war-ravaged country. This is a perfect example of how short-sighted and ill-informed American foreign policy continues to be.

Or is it?

The question is, who are these policies intended to serve? If they are intended to serve the Libyan people in a constructive path to peace, than the answer is a resounding no! If, on the other hand, it is intended to serve the military industrial complex and their elite, then the answer is yes.

Tarek ElJarrari
Psychology Faculty