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Letter to the Editor: P.E classes aren’t going to help me in the future

Joe Morello, Dean of Kinesiology

April 28, 2017

Hello, I'm Joe Morello, dean of Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance at Skyline College. The letter below is submitted by me on behalf of the faculty in our division. I'll drop off an original tomorrow. Dear Editor, I’m writing on behalf of the Kinesiology faculty at Skyline College regarding your editorial “P.E. classes...

Letter to the Editor: English as a second language

Leigh Anne Shaw, Professor/Faculty Coordinator for ELI Program

March 29, 2017

I was intrigued by Mintzhet Tan's article in the March 16, 2017 issue of TSV entitled "Learn to embrace differences through language." I think that Tan is fortunate to be able to use the experience of coming to the United States at a relatively young age and being immersed in school as a primary occupation which has resulted ...

Letter to the Editors: Teacher’s view on overflow classes

Rosie Bell, History Professor at Skyline

March 24, 2017

I am pleased to see the article, Students cause Overflow in Classes, in the March 2 issue of The Skyline View. I’d like to offer an assessment from a faculty member’s point of view. First, I do agree with the author of the article, that this is an issue that has consistently plagued us over the past years. I’ve taught...

Letters to the Editor: Compassion for Immigrants

Tarek Eljarrari, Psychology Faculty

February 22, 2017

Our newfound compassion for the plight of immigrants: The recent public outpouring of support for immigrants is truly heartwarming. Yet I can’t help but ask myself: why now? Where was this compassion two months ago? Four months ago? One year ago? Four years ago? Or since the outbreak of the turmoil that now plagues North...

Letters to the Editor: Concerned about the coming elections

Joy Marcus

November 7, 2016

Dear Skyline View - I appreciate your very clear concern about the coming election(s). And, you've inspired me to add my two cents. Call it an open letter to fellow students........... Take it from one who's been a progressive social change activist for a verrrrrrrry loooooong time: Change happens rather slowly. But change...

Editorial: One counseling appointment goes a long way

TSV Staff

October 3, 2016

It’s no secret that most students in higher education get stuck quite a lot. Whether it’s between actually knowing (and getting) the classes you need to transfer to a four-year university, the academic responsibilities of taking those classes, and juggling a job or volunteering in between, it’s easy to see why. No matter...

Letters to the Editor: To the Editor & Skyline View Staff

Nancy Lam, Skyline College, BEPP Division, Automotive Technology

October 3, 2016

I was shocked after reading your above subject article published on September 15, 2016 and the associated photo and cartoon caricature that accompanied the article! Your reference that our offering classes geared towards women because our gender is stupid, then your photo and cartoon in itself just insulted all women. I do...

Letter to the Editor: Dear Skyline View Staff

Julia Johnson, Professor, Automotive Technology

September 28, 2016

I am writing in response to the editorial entitled “Skyline Offers Course Just for Women*”, as well as the photo accompanying the piece and the “Artistic License” cartoon on the same subject. I am surprised at what amounts to an anonymous attack on a class that you’ve singled out of the entire catalog. I’m not...

Letter to the Editor: The Benghazi Attack

Tarek ElJarrari, Psychology Faculty

May 24, 2016

Before ISIS made its presence known in Libya, there was Al-Qaeda (a Libyan branch called Ansar Al-Sharia). They quickly established themselves as the leading militia force amongst the Islamic extremists during the armed insurrection against Qaddafi. Much of their arsenal was either plundered from the regime’s weapons depots,...

Letter to Editor: What Libya Needs

Tarek ElJarrari, Psychology Faculty

May 22, 2016

More weapons!?!? Really?!?! We will be repeating another blunder in a part of the world where America has become inextricably associated with sowing instability, death and destruction. Let’s do the exact opposite. Take out what weapons are already there. Place an arms embargo on the country until the feuding parties run...

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