The Amazon Angle: Keep it smooth: Why keeping the hair down there short is a good thing

Ladies, we have some serious business to talk about: shaving. I know some women prefer to shave “down there” and others do not, but there are actually some benefits to shaving your pubic hair.

One reason to shave is for good hygiene. I do not think anyone wants to have their pubic hair grow so long to where it’s not manageable. Having your pubic hair grow out too long can cause your vaginal area to smell, and I am pretty sure you do not want that. Maintaining your hair down there, especially during your time of the month, can lessen the chance of having an odor coming out from that area.

Another reason to shave would be, not only for yourself, but for your partner. Sometimes, guys prefer a girl to shave, or at least maintain their hair to a short length. Now, I’m not saying that girls have to shave their pubic hair to please their man; it is just a suggestion. But let’s be honest, what guy would want to see a jungle growing over their lady parts?

I feel as if shaving down there can give you and your partner equal benefits. Your benefit would be the pleasure of having your partner happily going down on you, while his pleasure could be to see you smooth.

According to Cosmopolitan, shaving your pubic hair makes you more sensitive to stimulation and can sexually turn on your guy, which is a plus for both sexes.

I’m not sure whether or not guys see pubic hair as a turn off, but if you and your partner have talked about what works best for both of you, then it is your choice whether or not you want to shave. For others who think they should shave to please a guy, you should not feel embarrassed or obligated to shave your pubic hair.The decision to shave is yours. Not anyone else’s, but your own. It’s one thing if your partner asks you to shave, but other than that you should not feel obligated to do it.

On the guy’s end of it, they should not make a girl feel bad about their pubic hair. What guy would seriously make fun of a girl’s pubic hair? I don’t think the hair on a girl’s vaginal area should matter to a guy, and they should just be lucky they’re getting laid at all.

Shaving is probably the easiest, and cheapest, option for hair removal. I like shaving because it is effective at getting the hair removed and, in the end, it just feels so much better. So, ladies, shaving is not something you have to do, but it is just a suggestion. Keeping your hair or shaving it off is completely up to you, but I prefer to keep it smooth.

Disclaimer: The Amazon Angle is written by two female staff members, on an alternating basis, who wish to remain anonymous in their writing.