Amazon Angle: Love making: It’s better to be passionate with your partner than to be shallow and selfish


Dave Newlands/The Skyline View

There are some people who fail to realize that sex is supposed to be an intimate experience between two people rather than a “quickie.” But then again, there is an exception to the rule: those who are in relationships, because even couples can engage in shallow sex.

Some single people do not understand the difference between love- making and shallow sex.

Making love to someone can be the most intimate and electrifying experience ever. Shallow sex is meaningless sex. There are absolutely no feelings involved and it’s stupid that some people don’t care about the emotional aspect of it.

Love making should be a precious moment that you take seriously with someone you love. It’s supposed to a pleasurable and passionate experience you and your partner can share together, as opposed to just having sex for the physical pleasure. And that’s where some people go wrong.

Shallow sex with a random person, or even someone you know, seems so hurtful (given that you’re not in a relationship). You most likely don’t love that person. You might care about them, but that does not mean you love them. There’s a big difference. Therefore, you’re just messing with that person’s emotions.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying shallow sex is a bad thing and that it is pointless to everyone. I want to make a clear point that some couples, or partners, who are considerate of each other’s feelings and emotions might like to enjoy shallow sex with each other once in a while. It all depends on the time, place and your status.

If two people have the time to please each other, you should consider going slowly to satisfy each other’s physical and emotional needs. However, if you’re trying to get something quick in, then more fast and aggressive sex is okay when two people agree.

Making love definitely is a different feeling because you obviously love your partner (or let’s hope that you do). The intimacy should bring you two together more than it ever has before. For people who want to argue that rough sex is similar to shallow sex, it’s your choice to feel that way or challenge it. And who knows, maybe after you have sex you and your partner can get intimate and cuddle. Honestly, I can see rough sex as making love in its own way.

Overall, making love and shallow sex can be seen either differently or the same in the eyes of various people, but it all depends on the way it’s perceived.

Disclaimer: The Amazon Angle is written by two female staff members, on an alternating basis, who wish to remain anonymous in their writing.