Communication is key: Talking about what you like will get you what you want

In any relationship, communication is one of the important attributes for success. One of the most important topics that always comes up is sex. Surprisingly, many couples are still shy about the subject and beat around the bush to their partner about what turns them on, or what their fantasies are. The more uncomfortable the “talk” is, the fewer orgasms are going to happen.

What happens in the bedroom will eventually come into play out of it, affecting the relationship as a whole. Intimacy on all levels is important. Communication, trust, and sex go hand in hand.
According to researcher Elizabeth Babin, an expert on health communication at Cleveland State University, conducted a study from that confirms that even having a little bit of anxiety about communication can directly affect the relationship’s satisfaction rate.

Great communication in any relationship can lead to a great sex life. If it takes actually sitting down and discussing it, so be it. Trust is important on being able to communicate with your significant other.

Never fake a moan or orgasm, because that is just going to make your partner think that they are doing a good job. No matter how embarrassing it is, this will benefit both parties in the long run.
Happiness is key, and no one actually wants to make their partner miserable. The worst case scenario of bad communication can lead to painful sex. Pain during sex is never a good sign. It does not matter if your partner is getting off thinking you are having fun also, communicate that something is wrong. Nobody wants that. During these times it is best to try new things and to be patient with them.

When there is no trust after having broken communication in the relationship it is bound to turn sour. Most likely there will be a small amount of resentment when it comes to not being honest with one another. This is why it is important to know what makes each other feel good.

Knowing the little things about your partner can be the most rewarding. Little by little, this does open the intimacy level beyond the sexual level helping to understand one another.
Communication also applies for people who have very casual sex partners. Just because there is little socializing between the bedroom and everyday life does not mean both needs have to be compensated. There does not have to be romance in a relationship to have a greater acknowledgement of ones selves. Awareness of all these things creates respect for each other.
Repeat this slogan when the need for courage comes to tell your partner: Never fake a moan, let them know.