Introducing the Amazon angle: Reciprocity is the key

Hey my sexually active classmates! Are you having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with your relationship? Is your male or female partner unhappy with you? Well I have an idea for how you can fix this issue and I will tell you what it is.

You are not returning the favor to one another! Anything your partner does for you that you enjoy should be done for them, even if it’s not your thing. You should make it your thing and experiment with each other.

There are many ways you could satisfy your partner and one way is to make them climax. So come on, guys. You practically ask for oral pleasure everywhere, having your partner get on their knees, or lean over from the passenger seat to satisfy your needs.

Of course it can’t just be any pleasure, no, you want the happy ending, the explosion with the fireworks, and we get that. We love to make you happy, but at the same time we would love it if you could put in the same amount of work.

I will let you in on a little secret that most ladies will agree with: We want to feel that explosion with the fireworks too! So you should be able to get down on your knees and satisfy your woman. The juicier it gets, the better it will feel, I promise. And ladies, don’t think you’re getting off the hook just yet.

Some of you will refuse to return the favor, and that is not fair. If your partner is making your toes curl as you tremble with some great feelings then that is a sign that you must reciprocate. Don’t be afraid of the way it looks, it’s not like it’s going to attack you. Trust me when I say this ladies, almost all men want oral pleasure and if you’re having a hard time giving it to them then don’t be surprised if he’s a little grumpy from time to time.

So ladies and gentlemen, whether it’s with the magic of your touch or your warm wet tongue, make your partner climax! Make them scream! Make them tense up! It doesn’t matter what they do, they will appreciate it. Sex in bed might even get better. So what are you waiting for? Either way, you are getting the happy ending, so why not your partner? Think about it. You will be saving money on lube. You should get out of your comfort zone, because sex is something that you and your partner get to do together with no one watching, so have fun with it. Return the favor; you will definitely not be disappointed in what you get.