Trojan (Wo)man: Dirty sex: The sweatier the sex is, the better the sex is

Where is it written that you need to take a shower after sex? If anything, the sweatier the sex is, the better it is.

Have you ever been with someone, man or woman, that had to shower after sex? Not for any medical reason, but just because they felt “dirty,” and didn’t like the feeling of their partners sweat on them? Call me crazy, but I always thought that the sweatiest sex was the best kind of sex. Don’t get me wrong here. There’s a massive difference between getting naked during a heat wave and sweating from that, and sweating from some good old fashioned rigorous naked time.

You know, the kind of fun that makes you lie in bed afterwards in shock and awe of your partners sexual endurance. That my friends, is the best kind of sex. The kind of sex that leaves your legs shaking for at least a half an hour afterwards. The sex is supposed to build up a sweat, and if you don’t like the sweat, then you don’t get the sex.

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to rinse off such hard earned perspiration, but don’t be in a hurry about it. How do you think your partner feels when you get up out of bed and jump in the shower? Do you think they see this as a positive or a negative? At the very least sit back and bask in the moment with your partner before your phobia of germs gets to you. Besides, trying to run into the bathroom on shaky legs could result in some serious injuries. And you never know, you might end up getting a cramp or two since your muscles were getting such a strenuous work out only moments before.

So ladies and gentlemen a word of advice. When it comes to post coital moments, there are the right kinds and the wrong kinds. Sitting back and basking in the carnal moment you and your partner just had? That’s definitely high on the list. Going into the kitchen and making something to eat? Most assuredly high on the list. Getting ready for round two, where you make your partner sweat even more? Now that, is the ultimate goal of every man and woman when it comes to sex. And if not, then it should be. Running into the bathroom because you feel dirty with someone else’s sweat on you? Get over it. Good sex is supposed to cause sweat. It is, after all, a very high cardiovascular physical activity. And it is way more fun than running a mile or two to work off whatever you consumed on your cheat day.