Trojan Man: Cuddling

We’ve all been with someone, be it a man or a woman, that feels the need to cuddle up after some serious love making, and sometimes that’s not a necessary thing.

You and your partner have just finished having mind-blowing, bed breaking, sweat inducing sex. Your both lying in sweaty mounds of sheets and blankets, panting from the exertions and dealing with minor muscle cramps in your legs and abdomen. Next thing you know, your partner is wrapped around you like a hungry anaconda. Now, not only are you hot and sweaty, but you have a sticky furnace wrapped around you adding to discomfort. Sound familiar?

Not saying that post sex cuddling is a bad thing, obviously there are moments when it is a very, very good thing, but all the time? One of the most annoying and frustrating interactions two human beings can have is the “why don’t you want to cuddle?” conversation right after sex. Maybe you were the one doing all of the work, and that is not gender specific at all.

If a woman has spent the last hour pleasing her partner and getting hers and she doesn’t want to cuddle afterwards, who says that’s a bad thing? If a man has gone the extra mile and made sure that his partner has had multiple toe curling orgasms, then isn’t it well within his rights to opt out of the normally required cuddling session?

There’s a time and a place for everything, and sometimes no cuddling is a good thing. So the next time you’re lying in bed with your partner and they’ve just finished giving you the ride of your life, think twice before you wrap yourself around them like a boa constrictor. Plus, cuddling is context sensitive. If you’ve just had some seriously rough fun, does cuddling up like love birds sound like a good idea? Now on the flip side, if you’ve just had a night of candle lit romance in a heart shaped bed surrounded by rose petals, than a little bit of cuddling sounds like it’ll fit the moment.

Plus, demanding cuddling after sex paints the wrong picture when it comes to you and your mental stability. If the first thought that goes through your mind after coitus is about cuddling, then you will make your partner think that you have dependancy issues or that you are the most needy person on the planet. Think twice about how you act after sex, because it will paint a very interesting picture of who your partner sees the next time they look at you, both inside and outside of the bedroom.