Lowering the bar for beauty

Nico Triunfante, TSV Staff Writer

The Philippines is banned from entering any future international beauty pageants until further noticed by the Association of Beauty Pageant Franchise Holders (ABPFH).

The ABPFH states that Filipinas have an “enormous advantage” when it comes to these beauty pageants. In their defense, they add, “the world already knows how beautiful and talented Filipinas are.”

Honestly, if Filipinas are winning these international pageants, why in the world are you disqualifying them from entering? It’s like saying that their impeccable beauty is overqualified for the pageant. It does not make any sense.

The ABPFH is attempting to make the international pageants fair, and allow other countries to get their chance to shine. However, if the Philippines is taking each pageant by the neck and either obtaining the top five, if not the top spot, then why take away the beauty that the Philippines has to offer?

If other nations are unable to produce beautiful and talented women from their countries, then there is no competition for the Philippines per se. But taking away, arguably the most popular vote, is not a solution to enhancing competition within the realm of beauty.

Think of it this way too. By taking away the best competition from the pageant, you’d also be downgrading the women from other countries. Basically, the ABPFH is saying that the other women just aren’t beautiful or talented enough as those in the Philippines.

Picture your favorite sports team winning the championship consecutively. Obviously, you and other fans would be happy and cherishing every single moment that your team won. But if the NBA, NFL, or MLB ruled out the team from even playing the next season because of consecutive wins, then is that really making the league competitive for other teams? They’d basically be spoon-feeding other teams, making it easier for them to win, as opposed to having the teams earn their top spot.

Filipinos are already not publicized as much as other cultures in the United States. So in other nations, including those in Asia, do you really think that Filipinos are rightfully represented there as well?

Although international beauty pageants aren’t the only place where the Philippines are able to shine, it’s probably the most respectable for the country.

I believe that this is also rooted back to the infamous “R” word that we all are familiar with. If a woman from another minority country won consecutively, I bet that they would also be disqualified from the competition. However, if a majority race were to win consecutively, then I’m sure it would be accepted by the ABPFH.

The point of competition is for the opposing person or team to have the drive to win, and having the accomplished feeling from their progress. If you take away the figure that induces competition, I’m sure that the “winner” will not feel as accomplished if they do not beat the crowd favorite.