Skyline gives update on construction progress

The completion is expected by 2024


Ama Bayar

Building 2 is set to recieve major improvementsas a part of the master plan’s update.

Skyline College is set to continue on with major campus construction projects, the institution announced in a recent online open forum on April 7. The changes include improvements to Building 1 and Building 2.

The Building 1 project is already underway and some aspects of the $15.5 million facelift have already been completed. Along with an assortment of office renovations, selected restrooms and the photography laboratory have been demolished. The floors in the Choral Room have also been removed.

“The Facilities Master Plan is reviewed and updated every five years,” said Richard Storti, the district’s executive vice chancellor of administrative services. “This provides an opportunity to reevaluate needs that can be created since the last Facilities Master Plan. Over the next five years, there will likely be changes and developments that require the plan to be updated. The goal is to be proactive and to perform regular reviews to ensure facilities support student learning to the highest degree possible.”

Skyline announced that multi-user restrooms are being built and should be ready by the time students return to campus for the fall semester. In the summer, the construction on single-user restrooms will begin and the building’s elevator is expected to be fully-refurbished by October.

Arguably the most notable inclusion is the fixes taking place on the theater, which is currently open for limited-use activity and will soon be closed for the entirety of the summer. Depending on the elevator equipment’s availability, the theater could be closed through the fall as well.

Skyline’s gallery will also be updated and will be available for limited use until the latter part of the summer.

Early 2023 is Skyline’s intended conclusion for the construction of Building 1.

Early 2023 is Skyline’s intended conclusion for the construction of Building 1. (Skyline College)

“I am definitely in favor of it,” said Anthony Tran, the student-body president of the Associated Students of Skyline. “And certainly I would like to continue seeing more gender neutral bathrooms, access for disabilities and just making sure all of those needs are met while also making the campus look nice.”

The Building 2 Workforce and Economic Development Prosperity Center project has a budget of $61 million and is awaiting approval from the Division of State Architects (DSA), which the school expects by mid-to-late April 2022. Shortly after, the plan is expected to move to the state chancellor’s office in June for a targeted construction starting date in the fall.

The B2 project is considered to be a “gut of the building” with interiors completely demolished across three stories. The revealed floor plan for all three levels show a glimpse into the expected outcome, showing new furniture and state-of-the-art design textures.

“State of the art equipment is needed to support student learning and help students develop the skills and knowledge needed as they pursue their educational goals,” Storti said. “Examples of state of the art equipment include computer equipment, lab equipment, and other equipment that support our wide array of educational programs.”

The Transfer Center, admissions and counseling departments, Promise Scholars headquarters, financial aid offices and some classrooms are among those subjected to a redesign.

“Some buildings need some catching up, but I think we’ve definitely had a great direction and improvements to our campus,” Tran said. “I definitely trust all the people who are in the process of construction. They will keep in mind accessibility for everyone and just be accepting of everyone who is here at Skyline.”

Skyline plans to conclude the renovations of Building 2 in summer of 2024.

“While planning is one part of the equation, securing resources needed to complete projects is a major consideration which often requires the prioritization of projects,” Storti added.

Skyline plans to conclude the renovations of Building 2 in summer of 2024. (Skyline College)