Skyline students to elect ASSC representatives

Two Skyline students are running for position of president of the Associated Student Government, and the winner is anticipated to be announced on May 10.

One of the candidates, Kayla Razavi, plans to bring together the voices of Skyline students by displaying the talent they have to offer. She wants to continue developing the student government reputation expanded by Harvest Festival, Skyloween, HAPI fest, and other sponsorships while she was a Senator.

“Some goals that I have for my time as president would be self-defense workshops, events that promote diversity and acceptance, as well as fun events that fundraise and promote charities like battle of the bands, and a joint venture with RTSB7,” Razavi said via email. “I would also like to work alongside with organizations that are already active within the San Bruno community at large.”

The other candidate running for the position of Student Body President is Vince Meschi. He hopes to raise school spirit and create a greater community on campus. Meschi is currently sitting with the food sub-committee trying to bring food options to a five-dollar-and-under menu. He is also working on ways to bring textbooks online instead of having to rent them from the library, school work and tasks easier and more convenient for students.

“Student involvement is key and that’s what I will strive for. A great way to do this is through the events we throw on campus,” Meschi said via email. “I have also talked to Kevin [Chak] in the book store and found out some different alternatives that are being worked on to bring students cheaper options for materials and books for classes.”

Alex Shkurko, chair of the elections board, and the rest of his team had been taking in applications until April 30. Starting on May 6, voting will take place up until May 9, and the announcement of the 2013-2014 ASSC is to be anticipated to be May 10.

“Tabling at the quad can sometimes be ineffective, which is why candidates are encouraged to talk to their classes. It’s a really effective way to reach a large group of people,” said Shkukro. “Reaching 40 students at one time is an opportunity you rarely get on this campus.”