From big world to back home

Many prospective young college students dream of using college as a platform to move out on their own and gain independence from their parents. However, some find that moving back home is better for a variety of reasons, although there can be a stigma associated with it.

There are many different reasons for students to move back in with their parents. Some could simply be homesick while others suffer from financial instability.

Additionally, some students might be lucky enough to have family who live in close proximity to community colleges or universities, which gives them another reason to live at home or move back to their hometown.According to a recent study conducted by, 36 percent of young adults who are living with their parents from the age of 18 to 31 have either moved back in or never left home. The main reasons were lack of financial stability, a desire to further their education, and being unmarried.

Skyline student Alexa Lomongsod, a UC Berkeley graduate who moved back in with her parents last August, says her family moved into a different house and it was a hard transition to be in a new place.

“It was like a new place, coming back to a different place, but coming back under living under my parents,” Lomongsod said. “That was a hard transition because I was used to living on my own.”

Another student, Katie Lee, moved out in August of 2008 to attend UC Irvine. She came back home in 2013 and is now at Skyline to take prerequisite courses for graduate school, and her family wanted her back due to issues that were going on at the time. She says it was hard for her to transition being back home as well.

“It was such an interesting transition,” Lee said. “I think I felt like I didn’t have the same support system that I had back in college.”

Her parents gave her room to her brother when she moved out, but let her have it back when she came home with most of her things still in her room.

Many people who move back in with their parents may often go back to their old childhood rooms and stay there for however long, while they try to get back on their feet. Nostalgia could be a factor into whether or not young people move back in with their parents.

There might be some concern for some people who move back in and stay with their parents for a while, depending on their age group. It’s seen as normal for a person in their early 20’s to settle in with their parents for a while, as opposed to maybe someone who is in their late 20’s or early 30’s.

Communication is also a significant factor for people in this age group, because it can be difficult when a student is 30 years old and still has to follow their parent’s rules, even though they are not children. This can cause tension, since students want to be respectful yet also independent.

Overall though, it’s not unusual for young people to move back home. It all depends on the person and the situation at hand. Many young people might move back in until they can move out and provide for themselves again. As a student, being able to recognize your role and being able to communicate with your family will better help you towards becoming an adult.

Angelica Fregoso/The Skyline View