They are TOTE-ally in


Sean Siapno

Tote bags come in all shapes and sizes offering a style that can suit anyone.

Tote bags are the total package for their overall versatility. With designers becoming more creative, you’ll find that these bags are not only reusable and functional, but stylish as well. It easily replaced backpacks, becoming a norm among students.

Manisha Singh, a Skyline alumni in sociology, has been using tote bags for about four years now.

“It’s cute and basically matches with any outfit,” Singh says. “A tote with zippers is definitely more functional, but I’m leaning more towards fashion with them.”

Backpacks tend to have the same generic look among them all. Bulky and bland. While fashion is not its primary focus, get yourself a tote that can carry the same items, but also serve looks. Veronica Noreiga, a second-year biology major, seems to agree.

“I think it’s easier to move around,” Noriega says. “I use it more for its functionality. After school I go grocery shopping and dump everything I buy into the bag.”

The beauty behind these bags doesn’t end at its design, but with its availability as well. Noriega even explains how she got her bag from her local library, for free. Even then, you can buy a tote bag almost anywhere.

Depending on the look you’re going for, there’s a bag that will cater to your liking. Minimalistic totes currently dominate the fashion scene as it’s the final touch needed to complete an outfit. You can easily find these bags in any clothing store. But as I’ve mentioned, there’s a tote for anyone.

Marco Salonga, a second-year behavior and social science major, doesn’t use a tote bag, but is intrigued by its concept.

“I still use backpacks just because I carry a lot of things, but I’ve seen tote bags around,” Salonga explains. “You know what though, I’ve seen some bags with really cool anime designs and it got me thinking to buy one.”

I personally like the minimalism behind the tote bag. However, these bags offer unique art styles of literally anything. I’m sure there’s a tote out there that hits even the most obscure niches.

While it’s perfectly fine to still use a backpack, tote bags cannot be ignored. If you’re ever looking for a stylish yet light switch, consider yourself a tote bag. After all, they are totally in.