How to have holiday spirit this year

With December comes Christmas and the wonderful holiday season and spirit that many cherish and await the entire year. But have you ever felt like you missed out?

This is all about not missing out on the holiday spirit and feeling. The holiday spirit isn’t just a spell that one can perform and have in an instant. First of all, most us are probably muggles preventing us to do any magic but also the holiday spirit is something that needs to be worked for in order to achieve it. That is why it is cherished when it is present.

One can get excited when going out to pick out the perfect tree, and setting up all the fun and bright decorations in your home but how does one keep that feeling going all the way until Christmas?

Many websites like HelloGiggles suggests a few things like changing up tunes to more Christmas-y vibes, and you are very much encouraged to sing along at the top of your lungs if you wish, because why not.

Decorating your home with Christmas scents can also help you get into that joyful spirit. The smells can be up to you. Cover your house with the smells that remind you of Christmas, you could even try for some pine and peppermint smells, to make your lovely house feel more cozy and get you closer to that Christmas mood, if you aren’t there yet.

There is always the good old suggestion of watching Christmas movies but one can do more for that holiday spirit by dressing up with Christmas colors attire, with a cozy blanket, and some with hot chocolate. This was a similar suggestion that HelloGiggles also had in their article.

Now these are only a few of the many suggestions that websites have for anyone who doesn’t want the jolly season taken for granted or overlooked. But they aren’t the only ones who have a couple of suggestions for this season.

Skyline student Christin Saw stated that in order to get into the holiday spirit she “makes personalized gifts and toys.”

This season is about the people who surround you and DIY gifts are a great way to show how much they mean to you. These types of gifts take longer but are worth giving out and receiving due to the fact that the creator of these pieces made sure that the item was a pure representation of a part of you.

Skyline student Melissa Macalisang said, “ I do Secret Santa with my family.”

The famous gift exchange happens between families, friends, co-workers and others during the holidays. This consists of randomly picking a name from slips of papers and getting that person a gift. The point is to keep it a secret. No one is to know who got who but the secrets can be shared in the process at times.

“I just spend time with my family,” said Skyline student Liza Hui when asked about the things she does to get ready and in the mood for Christmas.

Families must cherish every moment possible. To have a family is a luxury that not many get to have and Christmas is a reminder of the joy and loving moments a family can bring into someone’s own life.