Winter fashion: Fresh, Fly and Cozy


Tis the season! Whether it’s hoodies, leggings, or sweatpants, I have some fresh and cozy ways to stay warm while looking cool around campus during the foggy season at Skyline College.

Let’s talk about the case of the Mondays. Firstly, I have no energy to make any effort in my outfit. All I care about is getting through the day especially when there’s also the fog that makes me want to skip class and stay warm in bed. So how do I get out of bed and manage to stay chill?

The easiest way to look and feel comfortable with minimal effort is to throw on your favorite comfy sweatpants, hoodie, and sneakers. This is my favorite go-to look when the weekend and the Monday blues have sucked the energy out of me.

In this look, I am wearing my favorite burgundy cuffed sweatpants, a Vans sweatshirt, and one of my favorite pair of authentic checkerboard Vans. I also like to add some pop to all my outfits with patterns, colors and/or accessories especially since shoes do that for me. Lastly, I threw on my two-tone Vans coat because the weather can be unpredictable if you didn’t know.

Now that we’ve gotten through Monday, let’s consider making some effort for our next look.

I’ve established how the weather likes to change on us so if you’re anything like me, I need comfort at all times. This second look has some jean-on-jean action packed with coziness. This outfit allows me to add a pop of color and wear any type of footwear.

For this occasion, I have decided to add a sporty look by rocking a Warriors t-shirt and a pair of Jordan 1’s to match. The coat is very thick allowing me to only wear a short-sleeved shirt in case I get hot walking around campus. In order to tie this outfit all together, I added my favorite accessory: a pair of hoop earrings.

Shout out to Fridays! I’ve finally regained and put all my energy into this day from head to toe.

Another one of my favorite accessories is berets because they keep my head warm during the chilly weather. I love to rock one best with a turtleneck sweater and any pair of leggings to keep that comfort on lock. This look also works with jeans and any type of shoes like Vans, Nikes, Timberlands, Doc Martens, Jordans, etc.

For this particular style, I decided to go for the leggings and Doc Martens combination. I like to accessorize it with a beret and hoop earrings as a personal infatuation for the two. It gives it all a simple yet not so simple look, which is what I always tend to go for.

Whether you’re dressed in sweats on Monday or ready for a movie and dinner date on Friday, you want to keep yourself warm, comfortable and all-around fly!