Creating something by doing nothing

Master Chi Chern begins his second piece of the night: “Buddha’s Mind.”

Kevin Perez/The Skyline View

Master Chi Chern begins his second piece of the night: “Buddha’s Mind.”

Guests were treated to the calm and peaceful sounds of a cello played by Yawen Hsu, and were surrounded by various displays of Chan Master Chi Chern’s paintings.

Once the reception started, guests were allowed to see firsthand the process Master Chern goes through when painting. Guests were invited to gather around the table as Master Chern finished two new, large pieces, which were later laid on the floor.

Master Chern finished off with small calligraphy pieces, which were later given as gifts to the guests.

Master Chern closed the reception with a Q&A where he answered questions about his inspirations, religious beliefs, and upbringings.

“We as practitioners who are following the footsteps of the Buddha, in our practice we go deeper and look into our mind,” Master Chern said. “We see that in our day to day life we are very busy, reflecting in our mind we see a lot of afflictions and sufferings.”

Viewers can see the overcoming of affliction and suffering in his work, as singular figures are often represented being peaceful and tranquil amidst chaos.

With each stroke, Master Chern transfers a message of peace from his brush to a blank canvas.