“Dunkirk”: A refreshing take on an old tale

Dunkirk is a refreshing film that hosts a cast portraying the different types of people that go into war as opposed to the Average Joe film.

Dunkirk, a war film directed by Christopher Nolan that gives us a closer look of what English and French soldiers had to endure during World War II in Dunkirk, France. It gives us a glimpse of how these soldiers suffered through the sea, air and land to get home due to German airplanes sinking their ships.

You will also be witness of the big hearts of civilians who become the heroes for these soldiers as they risk their life to get as many back home safely.

It is not your typical action film, but watching it will give you another perspective of war itself.
The movie portrays the fear soldiers have of returning to the war zone as one of their only options as opposed to just getting to a safe place. Viewers get an example of their desperation when a soldier accidently kills a young man who was trying to help.

The casting of Fionn Whitehead as Tommy portrays a character who is overwhelmed due to being trapped in Dunkirk with what seems like no way out. Tommy also represents soldiers who are often overlooked in war films. The soldiers that will try to find any way to leave war.

In contrast, Tom Hardy as Ferrier represents a character who soldiers can rally behind until the very end of his life and freedom to give others a chance for hope and a way back home.

Due to the minimum dialogue, this film has a different type of intensity for the viewers. You must pay closer attention throughout the film, as it does not have a specific main character and a different order to the events that happen.  Despite having, minimum backstories there are characters that you gravitates towards.

This film is “now the second highest grossing film of the year in the UK, having earned a better than expected $58.1 million” as of Aug. 16, according to IMDB online database. It also has a high 93% rating in rotten tomatoes. So definitely go watch it when you get some time this weekend, as you will not be disappointed.