‘The Intern’ does it all

The new movie “The Intern” provides a different look at how we may define the word with an entertaining story about the experience of one intern who is different from the others. Funny, cute and emotional, “The Intern” has something everyone will enjoy.

Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway star in this lively comedy about a senior citizen who becomes a personal intern to the founder of a successful women’s fashion website. De Niro plays Ben, the intern, and Hathaway plays Jules Ostin, founder of About the Fit.

Jules has a do-it-all attitude and it was what has brought her company great success. Doing it all spreads one very thin and it’s no different for Jules. It is suggested that she hire on a CEO to help her run the company. Throughout the movie, Jules debates the decision and Ben helps her along the way, not only in her business life but also in her personal life.

Viewers will like that they will be able to relate to this movie by finding commonalities between themselves and the characters in the realm of relationships, life at home and at work, and more. This film does a great job of accurately portraying what today’s modern life is like for people.

This film brings out some very real occurrences that are happening today. Jules is a mother, founder of a successful startup, and her husband is a stay-at-home dad. This movie deserves a round of applause just for encouraging women to do something that has typically been seen as something men do and are more successful at. It’s 2015 and it’s about time the media strongly portrays and encourages the reality that women can be and are successful in business.

This film stays fresh by incorporating funny and lively stories of other characters besides Ben and Jules. Viewers will not get bored and may find they want to see more of these supplemental characters because their stories are so entertaining. Viewers will find that their favorite characters may not be the main ones because they can relate more to another characters small story within the overall film.

Some actors who are supplemental characters may surprise you. Jason, played by Adam DeVine, is just how you would expect him; funny, charismatic, and plays the perfect role of the young adult male with a crush on the office secretary. You would expect Matt, played by Anders Holm, to be the same based on his work with DeVine in other projects such as “Workaholics.” However, Matt plays Jules’ husband, a stay-at-home dad who is fun but in a more innocent “dad” way than you would normally expect from him, and has a secret that no one would expect of him.

This movie keeps viewers on their toes, wondering what will happen to Jules, her company and family, Ben, and other favorite characters. It is a must see with your family, as it has something every member will enjoy and relate to. If it doesn’t end up being your favorite, it is at least sure to make you laugh.